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Hello All,

In this post i am going to tell how to use Report Conversion Tool.

Going onwards SAP is planning to rule out Desktop intelligence or Full Client or Thick Client Report developing tool.Actually, from BO 4.0 onwards

we don’t see Desktop Intelligence Report development tool.

So Let say  you are moving from BOXI 3.1 to BO 4.0, and you have lot of reports in Deski.Since BO 4.0 doesn’t support Deski reports, then what will you do to retain Deski reports.Here comes One Important Client tool in Business Objects Called “Report Conversion Tool (RCT)“.

First Convert All the Deski Reports, Using RCT and Using any Migration Tools like  Import Wizard,or Upgrade management Tool,or LCM migrate all the Converted reports.

The step by step process og how to use RCT is explined through below screen shots.


In the below screen,submit the credentials and click on ” OK”


In the below screen select the report or reports ,whihever needs to be converted.


Once “Next>” button is clicked the below scree will appear and this will show Report Converting status.



If the report Converting results need to be saved, then the results can be written to Audit Database.In the below screen ,by checking the Box

“Save conversion results in audit database” and selecting the connection to the audit database.


In the below screen shot,you can choose the target folder where you want to publish th default ,wherever  the source is located,the converted webi report will also be exported or published to the same location.




the below is the last step of completing the RCT.




Business Objects Consultant.

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks sreedhar for reading my blog,

      In this post ,i Just expalined how to use RCT…

      This tool contains only 4 steps process of conversion.

      Coming to errors part, mainly if report won’t get converted error mesages will pop up,issues like,Its failed.Due to limitations of conversion from deski to webi.

  1. Former Member

    Where can we convert reports from deski to webi either server level or client level becaues I was trying to convert report deski to webi in the RCT client level but it is showing empty screen shot event I couldn’t able to see the report name also.


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