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CodeJam – SAP HANA

I have successfully delivered two SAP Code Jams…one in Montreal and the other in Lima. For that, I created a Workbook so everyone could gain experience and follow up on the Hands-On section of the event.

After those two events…I decided that it’s time for this document to get retired…what does that means? I will not use it again…so I will share it with community.

It took me a lot of time and effort and mostly passion to write it…so I hope everybody find it useful.


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  • Hi Alvaro

    I have followed all your blogs and documents on SCN, and out of all “This one is the Best” 🙂 I remember you told that there is no videos of Code Jam. My friend this is better than a video and I would say leave the videos and keep writing. 😉



  • Hi Alvaro,

    Thanks for the great tutorial.

    However, I am stuck on page 16 where I need to import the SFLIGHT sample data.

    The default path in the import window is


    It seems that this path is on the linux SERVER and not on the client(?)

    I do not have ftp access to the Hana server. Is there a way to import the SFLIGHT dataset from the (Windows) client side? ( I have already downloaded the sflight zip file from the SCN)?

    I am using Hana Studio 1.0.38 on Windows .



    • Daniel:

      I assume you’re using AWS or KT ucloud, as already have the Flights tables included…

      You need to download Putty to connect to your server. You can create a folder there called “CodeJam” by doing


      MKDIR /CodeJam

      Then, you need to use PSCP and send the zip file like this (using the command line from windows)

      PSCP root@ XX.XX.XXX.XXX:/CodeJam (Where XX.XX.XXX.XXX is your server IP)

      When is uploaded simply extract it like this… cd /CodeJam and then unzip and from there, you can go on…



      • Hi Alvaro,

        whow that is a quick reply, thank!

        I am using an internal Hana box at SAP (I am part of the SAP Next Business and Technology Unit). Unfortunately, I don’t have permissions to ssh over to the server but

        now that I know what is necessary, I can ask the admin to do that.


  • Hi Blag!,

    Finally I’m playing with SAP HANA, I’m following your CodeJam workbook to get started, I’m using a CloudShare account, but I don’t see the Flight Tables anywhere, Do I need to import it?, Also, when I select File->Import, in the SAP HANA Studio folder I just see two options: “Catalog Objects” and “Landscape”.


    • In the flight tables are already uploaded in the schema SFLIGHT 🙂 This CodeJam Workbook is oriented to AWS and KT ucloud…

      For something related to you should read this one 😉

      Regarding “Catalog Objects” and “Landspace”, well…that changed between revisions of the SAP HANA Studio 🙂 You should choose “Catalog Objects”…