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I have successfully delivered two SAP Code Jams…one in Montreal and the other in Lima. For that, I created a Workbook so everyone could gain experience and follow up on the Hands-On section of the event.

After those two events…I decided that it’s time for this document to get retired…what does that means? I will not use it again…so I will share it with community.

It took me a lot of time and effort and mostly passion to write it…so I hope everybody find it useful.


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  1. Kumar Mayuresh

    Hi Alvaro

    I have followed all your blogs and documents on SCN, and out of all “This one is the Best” 🙂 I remember you told that there is no videos of Code Jam. My friend this is better than a video and I would say leave the videos and keep writing. 😉



  2. Daniel Dahlmeier

    Hi Alvaro,

    Thanks for the great tutorial.

    However, I am stuck on page 16 where I need to import the SFLIGHT sample data.

    The default path in the import window is


    It seems that this path is on the linux SERVER and not on the client(?)

    I do not have ftp access to the Hana server. Is there a way to import the SFLIGHT dataset from the (Windows) client side? ( I have already downloaded the sflight zip file from the SCN)?

    I am using Hana Studio 1.0.38 on Windows .



    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author


      I assume you’re using AWS or KT ucloud, as already have the Flights tables included…

      You need to download Putty to connect to your server. You can create a folder there called “CodeJam” by doing


      MKDIR /CodeJam

      Then, you need to use PSCP and send the zip file like this (using the command line from windows)

      PSCP root@ XX.XX.XXX.XXX:/CodeJam (Where XX.XX.XXX.XXX is your server IP)

      When is uploaded simply extract it like this… cd /CodeJam and then unzip and from there, you can go on…



      1. Daniel Dahlmeier

        Hi Alvaro,

        whow that is a quick reply, thank!

        I am using an internal Hana box at SAP (I am part of the SAP Next Business and Technology Unit). Unfortunately, I don’t have permissions to ssh over to the server but

        now that I know what is necessary, I can ask the admin to do that.


  3. Jose Hugo De la cruz

    Hi Blag!,

    Finally I’m playing with SAP HANA, I’m following your CodeJam workbook to get started, I’m using a CloudShare account, but I don’t see the Flight Tables anywhere, Do I need to import it?, Also, when I select File->Import, in the SAP HANA Studio folder I just see two options: “Catalog Objects” and “Landscape”.


    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author

      In the flight tables are already uploaded in the schema SFLIGHT 🙂 This CodeJam Workbook is oriented to AWS and KT ucloud…

      For something related to you should read this one 😉

      Regarding “Catalog Objects” and “Landspace”, well…that changed between revisions of the SAP HANA Studio 🙂 You should choose “Catalog Objects”…




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