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Unofficial NetWeaver Cloud Manager for Android

I’ve been playing with the SAP NetWeaver Cloud SDK for the past few weeks and recently I wrote an article about deploying a Grails Application that uses the UI5 Framework for the scaffold templates. The sample application also shows us how to use the Persistence API in a Grails application.

In this post, I just want to share with you the Android application that I wrote that allows you to manage the apps in your NetWeaver Cloud account. It can connect to the trial server ( as well as to the production server (

The application uses the same REST APIs that the NetWeaver Console Client is using. For now, you can only start or stop an appliance, undeploy it and view the available logs from your web application. Sit back and watch a quick demo of the app. Oh and enjoy the music! 🙂

The app should work fine on Android versions from Gingerbread up to Jelly Bean and it should work on both phone and tablet form factors. I’ve open-sourced the whole project under Apache license and you can grab it from here:

Download the APK here:

I hope other developers can pickup and learn from the source code and improve it or develop other tools that can improve the way we use NetWeaver Cloud. Other tools that we can probably create are the Linux or Mac versions of neo.exe.


The REST APIs that I’ve used in the application are undocumented and may or may not change in future releases. Support is obviously not available and I may only be able to answer your questions if it’s about Android development. Use it at your own risk.

Happy Coding!

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  • Hi Marc,

    Thanks for sharing!

    RESTful APIs should always be undocumented! 😉 Roy Fielding had some idea about that – see my blog – RESTful APIs in SAP NetWeaver Cloud with a mobile device

    Love that with Android we can just share apks like this. Those poor iOS people, what are they missing out on 😈

    Thanks for putting this out there, And the music was just the thing for putting the final touches to my next blog 🙂

    • Thanks Chris! Yeah, I agree with Roy that the REST APIs should be discoverable and self-documenting but as you said, life ain’t that easy 🙂 . It’s actually good that the NetWeaver team is using proper HTTP verbs for the API.

    • Love that with Android we can just share apks like this. Those poor iOS people, what are they missing out on 😈

      LOL! I’m taking my chances of being labeled as an Apple fan boy here, yet I have to say that even if I could – I would not just install any app someone posted on the web. (Not to say I don’t trust Marc!) I think there’s a lot of value of having a public API and a central instance checking that nobody tries to do “evil things” 😉

      Oh, and I could equally well just write a webapp that uses the RESTful API and have it run locally in my browser, right? 😉