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  1. Mouaz BEN REDJEB

    Hello Rodrigo,

    As you mentioned in your question, SAP GTS could be a solution for Import/Exports in Brasil… but for the time being, the certification of GTS with brazilian customs does not exist…

    SAP GTS solution is certified with various others customs authorities: France, Germany, Switzerland, etc… but nothing for Brasil nor the Latin American countries as of today…

    Working with SAP GTS for many years, I can say that SAP GTS is built in such a way that it is technically possible to handle Import and Exports for Brasil. But this requires a SAP localization of the solution, certification with brazilian customs authorities, etc… which I hope will come some day in the future…

    Bear in mind that SAP GTS is not made only to handle Import and Export declarations. There are other “sub-modules” that could possibly fit the brazilian market today such as SAP GTS Compliance or SAP GTS Preferences (to be assessed).


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