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How to truly Celebrate a Community Manager #DTMC instead of #CMAD

Update: the answer to the question of life the universe and #DTMC further down.

It’s the time of the year again end of January and the love fest called Community Manager Appreciation Day cmad is just around the corner.

Late last night I taped a tongue in cheek video making the case how to truly celebrate a community manager and why our hash tag should be dtmc instead of cmad.

YouTube played a little trick on me and stopped recording the audio once I started to sing and play the Ukulele. Are they trying to tell me something?

Frank Koehntopp It’s the new DSDS quality filter 6 hours ago · Unlike · 1

On Facebook Frank Koehntopp concluded that it is a new quality filter 😉

I have a super busy day with internal SAP Mentor webinar, SAP HANA Startup Forum, … 

I will not be able to add lip the rest of the video anytime soon.

In the meantime, there are some open questions: What is the message that I wanted to bring across in the video? What does the hash tag dtmc stand for?

How can you truly celebrate an old school community manager? What does the C stand for in dtmc 

Do you have the answers to these pressing questions?

The most frustrating thing for a community manager is folks not participating, sitting on their hands, ;tilting their heads to the side and giving a blank stare.

Real joy comes from enthusiastic engagement. When it clicked and someone gets the joy of sharing and being an active part of the community. I think a lifetime of TV has put us in a perpetual consumer state.

So the greatest gift and thank you that you can give to a community manger is to contribute.

Therefore all Community Managers should from now on use the hash tag dtmc Don’t Thank Me Contribute

I was tempted to use #goybc but no 😉

Oh and of course the answer to the other questions is 42.

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