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From ZEN to ‘RDS’….7 Wabi Sabi principles that I found in Rapid Deployment Solutions

For centuries, Wabi-Sabi has depicted the transient nature of things and the constant flux of matter. It is however now, that I have just spent some time thinking about the similarities found between this physical manifestation of Zen and the art of deploying software solutions in a more elegant and simple way. Wabi Sabi is strongly influenced by Zen, some of whose principles are explained below.

Kanso(簡素) : refers to the grace and beauty inherent to keeping things simple. It’s one of the  zen principles that best exemplifies the attractiveness of the simple approach embraced by SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.  SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions offer different ways of eliminating clutter and free up space for you to continue being productive in a more relaxed environment. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions eliminate the unnecessary from software implementations, planning and blueprinting. They reduce the number of unproductive meetings and in turn shorten dramatically the full implementation time – in general to under 12 weeks and in some cases to even less than 4!  In addition to boosting simplicity, some solutions act as powerful catalyzers of equilibrium to the business: take for instance Rapid Data Migration as an example of how to eliminate clutter and organize your master data changing from chaos to order in a mere few weeks of project time, another example of simple, yet fast is the possibility of leveraging SAP Business Suite on HANA rapid-deployment solution.

Fukinsei (不均斉) or asymmetry: having a controlled balance is one of the pillars of Zen aesthetic or Wabi-Sabi. Nature is full of harmonious relationships that are not exactly symmetrical, yet create a sense of balance and equilibrium. The same applies to the rapid deployment solutions, that can be combined with one another following the melody of the symphony created by a business requirement or an industry best practice (If you are interested in value maps, have a look at these ones.)  The combination however does not necessarily involve a mandatory use of packages, but gives freedom to use the one that best fits the business according to one’s needs. Let’s take for instance the example of Retail. There are several rapid-deployment solutions available for the Retail sector (more than 20!) – there is no requirement to have all of them, and it’s entirely up to the business process owner to decide how to combine them to create the expected result.

Shibui ( 渋い): beautiful by being understated, elegant, simple, original and unpretentious. Rapid deployment solutions represent in a natural way the paradigm of simplicity and zen-like project running. Deployments are short in time, have a clear scope and require very few experts working simultaneously (in some cases a mere of 2) to achieve the desired goal. Some rapid-deployment solutions like Ariba integration to ERP may be implemented in only 4 weeks and will result in richer trading relationships with your network of business partners.

Shizen (): Naturalness:  the way objects are placed in a zen garden provide a sense of simple and natural equilibrium. Ironically this seldom happens by chance and requires thorough analysis and awareness about what’s around you. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions’ simplicity is the result of careful research on best practices, business needs, industry practices and benchmarking. The result is a pre-configured package and implementation service that looks beautiful and that will make every project manager’s life easier.  SAP SidePanel Content for SAP Netweaver Business Client rapid-deployment solution will enable users to visualize data in more natural way and receive overall a much more harmonized user experience.

Yugen (幽玄): Subtly graceful, unnoticed. They may have slipped your attention, you may have not been aware that they exist… but you may have even experienced them without knowing it….Sometimes rapid deployment solutions participate in a project accelerating its time to finish without you being aware that there was a name for it.  You saw the result, but you may not necessarily have realized that they were used.

Datsuzoku (): Trascending the conventional – it generally refers to the feeling of surprise that you experience when you realize you can be free of the conventional. It’s about that sense of joy every time a myth is busted or a cliché proved wrong. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions break the spread belief that software implementations need to be lengthy and complex to provide meaningful value and large ROI. Another big surprise: SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can be used in all segments, in large multinational enterprises as well as in SME’s. 

Seijaku (静寂): refers to the calmness and sense of tranquility you experience when being in a zen garden – Every time we feel calm and in connection with our environment we may feel this way if all the surrounding factors play along and we have been able to generate an atmosphere free of the unnecessary. What other better way to feel this way than making our lives easier through more structured projects at work?


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