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Enhancing The Field Catalog of Condition Tables For Output Billing Documents

The below steps helps us in adding a new custom field to the existing field catalog of a condition table on Output billing.

          1. Create a new structure (append structure) in KOMBZ – Customer groups. The newly added structure holds the new field.


          2.  Enhance the structures KOMKBV3 (Header) and KOMPBV3 (Item) with the new field by adding an append structure.



          3. Now maintain V_T681F with the new field, this will add the new field to the condition table structure.


              Click on new entries



Add the new field.



Save it.

4. Coding for filling the new field in RVCOMFZ1 form USEREXIT_KOMPBV3_FILL for the item field.


          5.  Coding for filling the new field in RVCOMFZZ form USEREXIT_KOMKBV3_FILL for the header field.


This will add the new field in the field catalog structure for access sequence, now we can create a condition table with this field and assign it to the Output type which will be triggered during the billing document creation.

To create a condition table use the transaction V/62.


Give the description and the field catalog will be shown as below with newly added fields.


Double clicking the required fields will move the fields to the selected fields list.

The technical view will help us in seeing the technical details of the selected fields.



The access sequence and output type are assigned to the billing application in NACE configuration and the data for the output type of the billing document is maintained using VV31.

Once this configuration is done, when a billing document is triggered with corresponding output type all the condition records are filled and we can see them from output messages tab on billing document using determination analysis.


The output will be seen in the analysis under the output message type with the condition table records.


Thank you.

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