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A Buffet of Bounty: Lessons from Las Vegas

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Viva Las Vegas!  Some go for the gambling, some for the shows, some for the spas, almost all will agree that the buffets are a true oasis.  My particular favorites are at the Wynn and the Bellagio, though really I’ve never met a Vegas buffet I didn’t like.   

Many of my colleagues are in Vegas at this very moment, taunting me through Twitter with all the fun they’re having at our “Field Kickoff Meeting (FKOM)” while I’m stuck at home eating yogurt from my fridge.  I consoled myself by working on my fitness goals; I put in ninety minutes on my treadmill today.

Suddenly I realized:  I can help inspire my colleagues – and any visitor to Vegas, really – to stay fit and fabulous by applying energy management principles to their buffet visits!  I’ve aligned those yogurt-fueled insights below to the four elements of the SAP Energy and Environmental Resource Management (EERM) solution.  I’d be so very grateful if anyone in Vegas reading this could help me live vicariously by sending me pictures of their buffet favorites.

  • Energy Transparency and Performance Management:  This enables visibility into energy costs, consumption, and emissions.  It’s intended for manufacturing and industrial customers.  As applied to Vegas buffets, you could have instant insight into which food items cost the most, which had the highest energy intensity (calorie content), and which might cause the most – ahem – emissions.  This would help you make choices more aligned with your personal goals.  Perhaps your goal is to dine at the least expensive buffet possible so as to save your dollars for the blackjack table.  Or maybe you want to have high carbohydrate content so you can run the Vegas marathon.  Or perhaps your objective is to minimize your – ahem – emissions, so you won’t be embarrassed on the dance floor.  Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, having comprehensive analytics to monitor energy and environmental benchmarks, identify areas for efficiency improvements, and forecast energy usage can help you hit the jackpot.
  • Energy and Environmental Initiatives Management:  So maybe you did eat at the most calorie-dense buffet and you took that “all you can eat” statement very, VERY literally.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a dashboard to tell you the most effective “project” to improve that situation?  Would you get a better return by investing an hour in a Pilates class vs. 90 minutes hiking in Red Rock Canyon ?  Just as the SAP EERM solution helps companies build a hub for projects and programs across the enterprise, you could input factors for your “energy projects” to help you invest in the most valuable program for you.
  • Emissions Management.  Oh, you’d like me to go there, wouldn’t you?  But I’ll save the emissions management component of my “buffet blog” for SAPPHIRE NOW in May.  Why?  Because immediately after  SAPPHIRE NOW, “Digestive Disease Week” rolls into town, complete with many, many sessions on –ahem  – emissions of all kinds.
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance.  In industrial and manufacturing operations, this capability helps improve adherence to regulatory reporting guidelines, to reduce the risk of penalties for noncompliance.  In our buffet example, imagine that your buffet of choice applied this capability.  You could dine with a clear conscience, knowing the kitchen could track, measure, and monitor emissions from their stoves and pollutant discharges from their dishwashers, all while seamlessly managing their permitting requirements.  Doesn’t that make your meal taste better?

A final thought:  Buffets are not ends unto themselves for the hotels in Vegas.  They exist to support a larger objective – the success and profitability of the enterprise.  They work best when integrated into the design and execution of the other operations, such as the casino and entertainment venues.  Energy management is the same – it exists to help support the success and profitability of operations.   It, too, works best when integrated into the design and execution of the other operations, such as asset management and maintenance, supply chain, finance, and so forth.

So, my Las Vegas friends – party on, secure in the knowledge that I am intensely jealous of your good fortune.  I’ll be with you in the Twittersphere @MWEnergy.

The for this post is  The photo above is provided courtesy of Samantha Celera.

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      Thorsten Franz


      I'm with you - in your Vegas envy, on the treadmill, and in your emphasis on getting a grip on things by establishing some degree of transparency. And I will definitely be there when you blog (and leave out none of the gory details) about buffet-related emissions - perhaps on the plane back home from your next Las Vegas conference? Hope to see you at TechEd. 🙂