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Top 10 inherent traits of true individual

Education without right attitude is like a salt less curry. Education makes a complete person to think beyond boundaries, makes a person more visionary and influential. As per Chanakya, King is respected only in their country however good educationist will be respected across the globe. As a human being there are number of qualities that we inherit from our parents by looking at them and growing ourselves. To become a complete personality, education is not just sufficient, there are number of inherent qualities that would define a great personality. Without such adorable qualities any heights that a person achieved would become a dust bin. People with arrogance will never be respected, selfish people will never be adored and hopeless people will never be appreciated. These are the rules of the life. We can define how we can drive our life.

Humility, helpfulness, openness, honesty, selflessness and perseverance etc. are some of the great qualities that make a person influential personality across all regions, religions and generations to come. You would find such amazing personalities one in millions like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln etc. If you thoroughly see their lives, the underlying principle you would see is they dedicated their lives for the humanity. When we have a single life, they have taught us how we need to live. A rich person will be remembered for a generation, a king may be remembered for few generations, and however, a humanitarian will be remembered till the globe is alive.  Particularly, you would see very less number of down to earth personalities in your surroundings. Particularly, if you see in the corporate world mostly it runs around arrogance, egos and discrete politics. Sometimes, we would wonder whether these so called leaders in the corporate world would ever look beyond their positions and grow as human beings. Luckily, you would find few wonderful personalities like JRD TATA, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Every human being on this earth has benefited by their services by one way or the other. That is the reason they became visionaries for the future.

Everybody cannot be Mahatma Gandhi, however, if we are successful in helping others, that is more than enough and surely we will be remembered by people around us. Once Albert Einstein said regarding Mahatma Gandhi, “Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce to believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth”

“May all people be happy” (In Sanksrit it is called “Sarvejana Sukhinobavantu”) is the greatest quality that we can adopt ourselves. There is no harm if you cannot help others, but, nobody should harm the others. You would find number of people with limited knowledge and high arrogance. They would always think in their own way never try understand or help others. In turn, they would think they know everything. It is one of the most destructive qualities a human should have. If you believe, you know everything that is the start of the destruction of life in every aspect and respect. Great people would always learn every minute from life, surroundings, nature and people around.

Life is the greatest teacher and nothing can be replaced that. India’s one of the best actors, Dada Saheb Falke Award Winner Mr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao (admiringly called as ANR) had only little schooling, but he is a great actor, orator and philanthropist. Probably, he is the only person in the world who has served film industry as an actor for 75 years. Every scholar, educationist and intellectuals are admirably inspired by his speeches and you would feel you can learn many things in your life by listening to his words. Talking or listening to such great personalities would be more than going to Top class B Schools. I am always thoroughly inspired by his wordings “what I have learned is particle, what I have to learn is the whole world”. I am so privileged to study in his college and got college first, this is the college where he donated nearly 50 years back and number of students has flourished from that college.

Few people with lot of success would always keep their feet on the ground and show lot of humility. When you see Sachin Tendular, I would surprise if any other human would ever come close to the records of this Great Cricket Legend. But, still when you talk to him or view his interviews, he is so polite, down to earth; still you would find lot of eagerness to learn and way to perform. Probably, education may not teach many a things in our school books, but, we can learn a lot many things from the great people in our previous generations and who are around us. If we think beyond our egos, we can learn number of things from the nature. If we deeply look into the nature, every tree, air, land, sky, water and fire. Every object would teach and help us to become a great human being on this world.

I would believe the following some of the best internal traits of the true individuals:


When I remember a word called Humility, I would remember none other than Honourable Ex-President of India Sri APJ Abdul Kalam. I have not seen any person in my entire life so humble than him. I would consider he is probably the one of the most intelligent personalities in the last 100 years. His technical brilliance, knowledge and inspirational qualities are admired by the people not only in India, however, across the globe. Indian Government has given him highest Civilian Award called “Bharat Ratna” to him. All these awards are shined by those great people. It is a privilege to the award but not to the personality. The whole youth in India is admiringly inspired by his motivation and committed make a mark in the few decades to come. Humility is one of the greatest gifts given by God to very great people. We would be thoroughly lucky to find such wonderful personalities on this Globe. There is nothing that we can ask God, if he can make ourselves humble. Nothing inspires anything like success, at the same time, nothing destroys like that. Whenever, we are successful we should check ourselves that our foot is still on the ground. Otherwise, it would most quickly go to the head and destroys faster than alcohol.


I am always thoroughly inspired by candle. Candle is the perfect example of giving light to the world, though it is burning itself till the last drop. Helping others would be one of the greatest qualities a human may have. It could be anything food, money or knowledge. Many people dedicate themselves to serve the humanity. If everybody follows their footsteps the whole world would be a wonderful plant. However, unfortunately, everybody has some limitations to which extent that you can help the people. To the best possible way, every person should try to help. It need not necessarily in the form of money. Unfortunately, there are many people in this world to misuse your helping nature. The true individual is who helps the fellow people without pointing their misdeeds. This could be very easy to say but highly difficult to put in practice. We are being helped by so many people directly and indirectly, we should be very thankful to them, without their support, we cannot even live this comfortable life.


Openness is the quality you will find rarely. People with openness think beyond their egos, ready to help the people and know the unknown things. It is a daily process by which they openly discuss the things with their colleagues, friends and family members. Nobody is perfect in this world and everybody tend do mistakes and millions of things we may not know. There is nothing to be felt ashamed for the unknown things; we may have to feel ashamed if we do not ask the unknown thing. Openness is not only important for an individual but also for the organisations to grow. The companies with open culture would be strongly able to retain the people and make a healthy organisational environment.


This is the rarest quality a pure soul would have. Probably, supreme souls like Mother Theresa would fall into this category. We may find such great human beings once in a millennium. If somebody is working hard for their family, that cannot be considered as selflessness. Selflessness is a state where individual is away from angry, emotions, greed and in all respects completely dedicate themselves to serve the humanity. Bhagavat Gita says “Give your best and do not anticipate anything return, leave rest all to God”. In this materialistic world, I would wonder if I can ever come across such personalities in my life. If we deeply think every relation in this world is based on business relations to certain extent. Looking at this I remember Shakespeare’s words “there is no true love in this world”

Willing to learn

Life is a learning and this is process only comes to an end with the death. True individuals on a daily basis learn things. Learning not only cannot be just technical skills, many things can be learned from the world. We can learn something from this world and nature. Even we can learn even from the beggars. It is how you grasp the good things from the people and surroundings. Learn from ants how to work hard, learn from dogs how to be loyal, learn from cow how to polite with everybody. We can learn good deeds not only from living objects, but you can learn new things from the non-living objects like mirror, which shows your inner self, windows teach you how open the whole world is and clock tells us the importance of time. Therefore, never feel guilty to learn new things.


One of the most admiring quotes that I ever heard is “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence”. Never ever give up under any circumstances. Once you have decided and committed to do something, never give up. No default is final until you give up. Mahatma Gandhi became father of the nation because of his amazing perseverance quality he had. He has determined and achieved not with his physical strength but with his amazing will power and mental strength.

If you have real perseverance and hard work, nothing is impossible under this sun. For that matter, you can achieve anything. Therefore, keep trying, trying and trying until you achieve what you wanted. There is no other way to go. Try like today is last day of your life. I always remember great Swami Vivekananda quotes “arise, awake, stop not until your goal is achieved”.

Extremely Positive

If we are not positive on us, then nobody else would believe in our powers. Believe in yourself, you can do miracles. Never under estimate yourself. You are a rock mountain and can achieve anything under this world. You are so privileged that God has given all the parts of your body. You are so fortunate enough when you compare yourself with the people who are physically and mentally challenging. Though comparison is good to know where we are standing, never compare yourself to somebody and de-motivate yourself. Believe that you are something special and always be like that for your life. You have many hidden qualities you may not know, the day you release your fullest potential, nobody is going to stop you. Whatever be the situation, whatever the position, whatever is the state, never lose your confidence on you. Therefore, you are special forever and ever.


Without having honesty, all the qualities are just a matter of waste. Honest is the great thing, you should never ashamed to tell that you do not know something. Honesty is required in all the deed that you do and all the actions that you are going to undertake. If everybody in this world becomes honest, then the whole world is real beautiful planet. Never be inspired or motivated by dishonest people under any circumstances, otherwise, you are going to mess up the whole life. Dishonest may win temporarily; however, honesty will prevail at the end. Many great people conquered the hearts of the people with their honesty and truthfulness. That’s why we call “Satyameva Jayate” (Truth Alone Prevails)


Before you talk, try to listen the words of other people. Always put your feet in their shoes. Then you will find totally different world. Listening to other people will always give us great opportunity and you will know how they are feeling. This is the way you will be connected with the other people. Some people are so rigid and they are never going to listen to other people. They are never every going to learn the facts of the life. Listening is one of the greatest qualities given by God to the true individuals. They would listen, this gives them ample power to visualise the whole world with their knowledge filled eyes. A good listener will always be respected across the world.


Last but not the least, without humour, there is nothing in life. If you do not have humour, then first thing is you cannot inspire yourself. With great sense of humour, you not only inspire yourself, but motivate the people around you. With your humour, you will remembered by the people forever in their lives. People with great humour would always achieve miracles. It is a great gift to make the people around you happy. There is no use in life if you are so serious. Always try to cherish, enjoy and have fun whatever you do. Making other happy and cheerful is not a duty; it is a great privilege being part of it.

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  • Superb Ravi shankar garu i hope you understand Telugu Life lo baga depress iyyi inka SAP field lo manaki job ravadam kastam ani fix iyyanu and that too without facing any interview but really after reading this blog i got some confidence in me and somewhere i felt like i can do it. Really hats off i have become a great fan of yours. Thanks for this blog really inspiring keep up the good work going. 🙂

    • Hi Aswath,

      Good to know about you. No defeat is final until we give up. Perseverance is the key for success. You are definitely going to achieve what you aim for provided if you continue until end. I am sure you will maintain the same passion on SAP and it gives you great results to your life.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Respected Sir,

    As you are aware of the fact that these days I am far away from the field of SAP and so as from SCN, I did not even notice your blog, otherwise for which I was keeping eye on it.

    And on top due to financial year ending I was a bit under work pressure. (So sorry for delay)

    Any way, all this things are going to be constant throughout the life time.

    But un usual thing is your blog.

    Congratulations for writing an excellent blog and Thanks for posting it on SCN.

    I like the most the bottom line of the blog and that “To be Humorous” 😆 .

    Thanks once again



    • Thank you Chirag for the update.

      I know how the life of an accountant during the year end closing 🙁

      I sincerely suggest, you should still keep your eyes open on SAP market, unless things are going very well at your end. Definitely, your SAP Certification will add value to your career, if not today, definitely tomorrow.

      Kind Regards,


      • Thanks once for again, Sir.

        Yes, I still keep eye on SAP market, but not much hopeful, as now only some miracle can take me to that tomorrow where my certificate will add value to my career.

        I have burnt so badly in my life by milk so that now even before drinking butter milk I became cautious and alert.

        I gave more than sufficient time (2 years) of my life,

        I paid enough financial costs. (Please go through my conversation with Mr. Yaser Riaz on his blog.)  CHIRAG SHAH Mar 28, 2013 11:25 AM (in response to Yaser Riaz)

        I gave up all most everything in my life for SAP career, but can’t again.

        Believe me sir, I am so confident that I can implement entire SAP, end to end, that brings maximum management control with great accuracy, speed and integration.

        Only thing I require is a chance, and little bit of technical guidance as SAP is a new machine for me, for which I waited for 2 years, but can’t any more.

        I also wanted to learn SAP Solution manager and Netweaver and had a plan for it but its all history now.

        As a fresher in SAP market I am not getting any appropriate opening with which I can survive, where as in domain I can survive at least, and how so ever I try to be positive for SAP career, at the end of the day I have to look after my family. 😆

        Any way,

        Yes, as always, please do keep inspiring me and take me to positivity with your blogs, comments, suggestions and blessings.

        I am keeping my finger crossed and still waiting for the miracle !



        • Hi Chirag,

          People cry for not having shoes, until they see a person without legs. When sometimes physically challenged people do extra ordinary things a normal human being cannot do, it gives lot learning and inspiration. We are so lucky god has given everything for us. There is no word called “Luck” in my dictionary. Perseverance and hard work are the only two qualities make anything possible under this sun. Nothing is impossible until you give up.

          In this context, I remember Swami Vivekananda’s most valuable words:

          Arise, awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached.

          Please go through Swamiji’s Wiki, it has many wonderful and beautiful quotes:

          Best Regards,


      • Respected Sir,

        Please give your valuable advice, view, comments.

        Do you see any way, other than a JOB, to enter into SAP Market ?


        • Dear Chirag,

          99% of the people only go behind job.

          The remaining 1% fall into category of enterprenuers. Though this route is risky, however, if successful, it would be much lucrative.

          a) Start your own company and get some amount of work from the companies. Please note now a days companies are looking for reducing costs and quality deliverables.

          b) Get license from SAP and start SAP training. Many people are intended to learn SAP. Maintaining quality training the key to your success.

          c) Writing books / blogs to SAP Press or other publishers

          You can please think on these links.

          Kind Regards,


          • Thank you very very much for your guidance and for quick reply. 🙂

            I shall think on the track on which you have focused and keep you posted.

            Just one counter question, any idea about SAP license for training purpose?



          • Hi Chirag,

            I am not aware of the cost regarding license of SAP training system. If you believe they are expenses, there are many people will rent the licensed SAP training system. It would be a benefit you do not need to take care of maintenance, but only pay rent for the period you are going to use them.

            Kind Regards,


  • Dear Sir,

    Its very odd now a days, people talk about humanity and good qualities the only thing in near around is about work and only work, i am very impressed by your blog and salute you for your wonderful blog.

    such a relief from monotonous environment, and got refreshed after reading your blog.

    many thanks for sharing such great blog.

    with best regards,

    Amit Anasane

  • Hi Bro,

    very well , and nice blog…………..

    it was inspiring and your writings reflecting your personality and even your responses to the comments

    Keep writing such blogs!!!

  • Hi Anna,

    Simply i can say, very much happy to follow you personally and professionally………..

    keep writing for motivating us………

  • Simply Exceptional and quite motivating and inspirational…

    You are one in thousand who possess many good qualities mentioned above

    I feel privileged that I found you in SCN, able to read your blog and came to know more about you from your BIF.

    When the next blog is coming?? eagerly waiting for the same 🙂


    • Thanks Deepak.

      Even for me very glad to know you.

      We all should thank SCN for making a wonderful platform for meeting so many wonderful professional / individuals.

      I am currently clueless, what my current blog should be. 😉

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Just came across this blog and I believe this to be a very nicely written and thoughtful one. I agree with you 100% on these traits are essential traits of a true person. Thanks for taking out time and sharing this nice blog.



  • I just like the word ‘Perseverance’ .. With out this a human life may not move forward!!!

    Good one Ravi.. Keep posting these kind of articles.. 🙂


    Kiran N

  • Hi Ravi,

    Seldom in our life we get to know/meet people who are a true example of KARMYOGI. I salute you for being such as one!

    Came to know about you /your activities on SCN through the banner on homepage illustrated by the interview.

    Feel so good that SCN provided such a great opportunity to me to get to know about you! Keep learning and sharing your inspirational thoughts with us!

    God bless. 🙂



  • Hello dear Ravi,

    Thx a lot for bringing out such a learning blog for us. 😀

    I agree most important thing in our life is to become a good human being. I remember the good saying of a scholar on TV when asked to describe his life as Kaam-Naam-Kaam (Work-Fame-Work) which he elaborates as I worked hard in helping people and GOD blessed me with a Name (Fame) and to keep that Name I again worked.

    Thanks again…Keep up the good work 😘

  • How can I miss this 😕

    Hi Ravi, Thanks for sharing such a nice motivating blog 🙂

    I think maintaing Positive attitude leads to reach all these qualities, but when time comes the 3 letter word (ego) becomes a barrier to destruct all the other qualities 🙁

    Thanks a lot for giving a valuable thought and reminding all those Great People 🙂



    • Thanks Rama, I am very glad to receive your encouraging comments.

      You are correct, ego is one of the most destructive elements of the life.

      Nothing inspires like success, at the same time it is the most fast moving element to the head. Therefore, I am always scared about success, as it may reach my head. 😉

      Thanks once again for your comments, much appreciated.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Very nice Blog..topic selected is excellent.. hope more and more ppl realise and practice the value of the inner qualities of human being and make the world a better place to live..

    You have rightly said that in the corporate world today it is a mad race of arrogance ego and politics..Just wishing we realize that “Job is just one part of us and we are not jobs”

    Give your best and maintain the balance… 🙂



    • Thanks Kavita for nicely summarizing my blog.

      The life is getting like cat race with lot of politics, ego and arrogance around, very difficult to find real good people.

      Much appreciated your additions to this blog. 🙂

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Fantastic blog.

    Reading this blog again something came to my mind which I heard in a movie, and it goes well with this blog. The dialogue is “If you think You can do it, that’s Confidence and if you think ONLY You can do it, that’s Over-Confidence” 🙂 .

    Thanks for sharing the blog.



    • Thanks Arti for your cheerful words and sharing nice quote.

      As you said, confidence is always required, but over confidence is most dangerous. 🙂

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Truly inspiring article, all 10 traits make a complete person, in every article  of your’s are unique.

    Very well written. you are a blog master 😉



  • Ravi Sir ,

    Beautiful and inspiring blog.

    This blog will help all the way as an all time guide for everyone

    motivated  and inspired.

    An extremely wonderful blog.

    Hats of with feather ,


    🙂 Abdulrahman

  • Hi Ravi,

    I liked this blog, after seeing one sentence itself. I have boomarked this blog. Need to go through fully.

    Fanastic blog

    Education without right attitude is like a salt less curry. 🙂


    Hari Suseelan

  • I’m perhaps the latest one to read this blog and I’m amazed to say the least…and it would be quite an understatement to just mention that your thoughts are priceless and so are the advices and not to forget- your individual replies to every comment. As a normal human being, one can only possess a few qualities among the ones listed by you. Having said that, repeating one of your very own points – “True individuals on a daily basis learn things”..I really believe in this fact and will always try to inculcate within myself the desire to learn more and more with every passing day- because change cannot come overnight…We should have the zeal to try and learn new and good things everyday.. hope we all readers try this and ensure ourselves with a better and brighter future.!!

    Thanks Ravi for motivating hundreds or maybe thousands like me..!!

  • Hi Ravi,

    Usually, people read blogs and in your case I read your blogs and comments very interestingly. You are really awesome and inspiration for many people in personal and professional life.

    BR, Srinivas Salpala

    • Thanks Srinivas, much appreciated your comments.

      It is all because of wonderful people like you inspired me to give me best. Glad you liked them.

      Thanks once again.

      Best Regards,


    • Hi Thiyagarajan,

      No doubt in that. Ravi is always Mind refresher and rocking star in SCN.

      Very motivating SCN member and he always appreciate each & every one in SCN.

      Please go through all his blogs, it is very interesting and inspiring one!


      Hari Suseelan

      • Thanks Hari.

        It is always a great feeling to receive such wonderful encouragement. It is a speechless feeling.

        Thanks a lot for your encouragement and inspiration.

        Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi

    It was really inspirational.Every time I read your blog,I felt very happy that still people are there who give importance to values rather than materialistic things exists in the world.

    I can say whatever heights we achieve in this world that will be of no use if we are not helpful to our society and to get the true success in life we must possess all above said qualities.

    Really inspirational Ravi.

    Some people contribute to society by donations(money,blood,organs etc) and I am proud to say that RAVI SHANKAR VEENA is contributing by his blogs where he always give importance to attitude towards life which is missing in this vastly developing materialistic world 🙁 .

    I do have one doubt Ravi,How you manage time to write such blogs.I am expecting some blogs from you on time management.

    Thanks a lot once again for such inspirational blog.

    Kind Regards


    • Thanks Kuldeep, much appreciated your honest comments.

      It is a great pleasure to receive such comments, hopefully, these good words would give me much inspiration to write good things.

      I am sure think on the advise you have given on time management and hopefully, I should find some points.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi, Ravi:)

         Totally agree with you, though I can’t do it best now, I can try hard at that direction.

         Keeping the traits in mind makes me feel peacful and love in my inner space. 🙂

         Thanks a lot!

    Best regards,


  • Good morning All,

    I recommend anybody in tune with Ravi’s advice, to, with an open mind, read this.

    It was written over 100 years by Wallace D Wattles, and the religious perspective or not, the principles apply to everybody who is interested in this subject.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks Andy for your comments and sharing wonderful document.

      It is really a wonderful document and there are number of good topics and points. I would recommend other community members to go through this link.

      Thanks once again for your comments.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    It’s truly inspirational for everyone who reads it. Your blog always recharges everyone with tremendous energy and also infuses positive/good thoughts to many people who really wants to change for their own good. 🙂 🙂 . I support your ideas and thoughts..Always Excited to read your blogs 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Gokulkumar RD