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Using JAM widgets in SAP HANA Cloud Portal


In this blog post I will discuss the use of JAM widgets in HANA Cloud Portal.

SAP Jam is a social software platform which enables social collaboration within the enterprise.

It is truly a great platform in what it provides.

You can read more about Jam here:

Jam Feed Widget Builder is a Jam feature which allows you to get a code snippet which will show a Jam feed inside a div in your page.

It is done by selecting some options regarding the feed and copying a few lines of javascript code into your site.

Jam supports several feed types in this widget builder – company feed, follows feed or group feed.

The group feed allows you to get content from multiple groups, by supplying a comma separated value list of group IDs.

Using Jam Feed Widgets in HANA Cloud Portal is EASY!

The support for Jam Feed widgets is now part of HANA Cloud Portal.

You don’t need to copy-paste code – just add the Widget to your content catalog and use it in your sites.

Of course, you do need an already running Jam account with the Jam Feed Widget API enabled.

Adding the widget to the content catalog is similar to adding URL or OpenSocial widgets and is done using the “Add Widget” panel by the tenant admin.


The new “Jam Feed” Widget type requires you to configure the Jam server and Company Domain, so that the information will be retrieved from the correct server and the authentication process will be done correctly. Authentication is done purely from the client side and is handled by Jam’s Widget itself.

Spreading Jam on a site

Now that we have this widget in our content catalog, site authors can add it to pages in their sites by dragging it into a page.


When the widget is first placed in a page, a configuration form is displayed, asking for the feed type, and also for Group IDs if a group feed is selected.


For example, I would like to see a group feed from my very own private testing group.

I will select “Group Feed”, enter the group ID, confirm and see the feed inside Jam’s widget.

Wait… where is the group ID coming from? The easiest way to find it is by going to group’s page in and looking at the URL.

For example, my group is at so its ID is 530162.


I am not worried about unauthorized access to my ultra private testing group where I can freely talk to myself 🙂

How is that? Well, HANA Cloud Portal does not handle authentication and access to content at any level with these created widgets.

This is done purely by the Jam widget, therefore Jam restrictions apply – site visitors will only see my group feed if they are members of my private group.

Using the widget

You can post to your general feed by entering text to the “What’s on your mind” field and pressing the right arrow. This is not related to any group; to post to a specific group, select the group from the auto-complete list which appears in the “Share with Group” field.

What’s next?

Well, if you are already using Jam and you can use the Widget Builder in Jam, you can also create Jam widgets in SAP HANA Cloud Portal.

Try it out using an unlimited cloud portal trial account. We will be glad to get your feedback or any open question on that topic.

This is so cool, indeed! 🙂

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  • Hi Tamir,

    It is very cool to read about Jam integrating into the Cloud Portal. The more cool stuff that works there, the better the chances of it being adopted by a company and me getting to use it!

    Does the widget put an OpenSocial wrapper around the Jam feed? I’m guessing not, which is a shame as being able to embed Jam anywhere would probably be very useful. Although it is very cool to be able to have more content in the Cloud Portal, I hope that other SuccessFactors (if you count Jam as having come from that stable) integration will come through OpenSocial rather than custom widgets.

    you mention

    Well, NetWeaver Cloud Portal does not handle authentication and access to content at any level with these created widgets

    Does this mean you need to log on to Jam separately? That doesn’t sound great. I certainly wouldn’t want to log into a portal just to be presented with another login prompt! Could you clarify a bit on how SSO works in this scenario?

    Thanks for posting about this very interesting development!

    Cheers, Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      The widget you see in cloud portal is an OpenSocial widget wrapping an html/javascript widget supplied by Jam’s widget builder API.

      The OpenSocial wrapping is used mainly for setting and storing preferences inside the cloud portal environment and providing an alternative to using javascript code which the Jam Widget Builder outputs.

      The inner widget is totally a Jam feature which is in the Jam server domain. Since this is an independent Jam component inside the OpenSocial widget, it requires its own authentication. If there is already a session with Jam, there will not be a need for another login. There are ways to make this integration easier for users, for example by using client certificates. This is how it works internally for SAP employees at the moment.

      We are working together with the SAP Jam team to introduce SAML based authentication in JAM in order to offer proper SSO, but there is no concrete timeline we can commit on yet.

      Thanks again,

      • Thanks Tamir.

        I hope that the Jam team can port the logic used here so that the Jam widget builder get the option to export as an OpenSocial widget so it can be used in other OpenSocial contexts. That would be cool!

        I look forward to hearing more about the SSO/SAML work, sounds like it would be a very useful thing to have working – and not just for the Cloud Portal.

        Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Tamir,

    Thanks for the nice article. I’m trying to integrate a Jam trial account in NW portal but I’m getting “You are not authorized to access“. Do you have any ideas what is the problem ? I’m successfully logged in Jam (opening another browser accessing Jam works). I have tried to check for feed security and other configuration options in Jam, but I have enabled every option and still get that error. Any clues about Jam configuration ? Maybe the url have changed ? Trying to access c/<domain>/rss/user/351979 works but not /c/<domain>/widget/v1/feed



      • Hi Tamir,

        Thanks for that. I cannot access the url you mentioned, but could not find any option to enable the feed api in Jam. Maybe it is not available with Jam trial account ? The only option I can find about API is “Enable API” in Admin > Features panel. Any ideas ?



        • Hi Alan,

          This is definitely a question for the company administrators of the <domain> Jam tenant or Jam support.

          The Jam widget builder API administration is different from the rss API you mentioned.

          If it is a Jam trial account the feed widget builder API may be disabled there, please check with Jam support.

          The cloud portal widget is a wrapper around the Jam widget builder solution, as mentioned before, so the Jam widget builder must be available on the <domain> tenant in Jam in order to use it in cloud portal.



  • Hi Tamir,

    I was wondering if you had tried out the Jam Widget in the context of a SuccessFactors extension. I’m interested if there is any way to get the current company of the user rather than having to specify it in the widget creation. This would be very useful where I wanted to have a Jam Feed shown as part of my extension.



    • Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately, it is not possible at the current implementation to achieve it.

      I will take it offline with the product team to check future enhancements possibilities.



  • Hello Tamir,

    Thank you for this post, i had followed it earlier and was able to enable the JAM feed in my HCP site, but off late the widget doesn’t seem to work at all.

    It just keeps timing out. Has there been any update or some known technical glitch you are aware of ?

    Best Regards,