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SAP Strategy Management 7.5 – Missing values for KPI´s (End User Screens)

We have recently worked together with SAP Support in a ticket about SAP Strategy Management 7.5.

The customer implemented the tool more than one year ago, and now, a SSM issue “stopped” the production environment and gave us a big headache during few days.

First, let´s talk about customer SSM Architecture and releases.

  • SAP Strategy Management 7.5
  • Service Pack 10
  • DataBase Version 75.10.0
  • NetWeaver 7.2 (Oracle Database)
  • Source data: E&A Interface (don´t have load process implemented into Application Server – all data come from manually input).

The SSM users was working with the tool normaly and suddenly the data that were displayed on the End Users Screens, stopped to be displayed.

Problema SSM.jpg


1) First test done was check the Model Connetions and be sure that was all working fine. The follow connections were tested:


Acess DemoLauncher -> SAP SSM Administrator -> Manage Models

Sem título2.png

*** Connection made, logged on, database found *** 🙂

2) Moved to Application Server layer, and checked the Link ID connection (between Application Server and Oracle NetWeaver database):

Application Server Client -> Link ID´s -> SSM_CB_EA


Into Application Server, execute the follow command:

SUP USE MODEL EXCLUSIVE -> Click on DataView tab (be sure that exist data into the Dimensional Model):


No problems here. 🙂

3) Access CubeBuilder Interface and try Build PAS Model again (just to be sure):


Rebuilding PAS Model and analyzing the “cb_build_XXXXXX.trc” file (Cube Builder Log file), all the instructions compiled fine. 😎

4) Access Entry and Approval Interface and Load the manual input data again into the PAS Model.


Analyzing the “wfmde_update_XXXXXXXX.trc” file (E&A log file), all instructions worked fine.

5) After doing these steps, we tried to fix the issue, applying the follow SAP Note (SAP Suggestion):

1645293Data entered in Metric Set is not shown in PAS and Scorecard

The SAP Note was applied, but nothing changed. 😐

6) Check the Default Trace Parameter and analyse the log file:

Acess DemoLauncher -> SAP SSM Administrator -> Set system defaults


Directory: C:\sap\CE1\J00\j2ee\cluster\server0\log

Ex.: File “defaultTrace_00.14.trc”

No error messages found into Default trace file.

7) Analyse the PAS trace file:

Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Strategy Management\ApplicationServer\home

These should be files called:

  • <modelname><app_server_user><unique_stamp>_both.txt
  • <modelname><app_server_user><unique_stamp>_cmd.txt
  • <modelname><app_server_user><unique_stamp>_time.txt

For a cube in particular, we have 3 log files, with different endings.

Please, analyse the follow log files(“_both”, “_cmd”, “_time”).

Analyzing the log file “XXXXXXXXXXXGUEST1358342361963_both.txt”, we found an error, in the end of the compilation process:

“…Internal Programming Error, File .\glib\ggetmat.c, Line 1253


An internal programming error has occurred.  Please report this

condition to your Customer Service Representative.


8) Searching for SAP Notes, we found the follow:

1594340 – Error: Internal Programming Error, File .\glib\ggetmat.c in PAS.

Following the resolution steps into the Note, one of the steps is Load a dump file.

When tried do this, the follow issue happened:


“…Model is out of space…Either EXTEND it, or contact your Database Administrator for more information…”

9) Workaround to solve the issue:

Access the Application Server and run the follow commands in PAS:


P.s: Ensure that there is sufficient number of free blocks.

Using the EXTEND command, you can increase the size of a database.

This was the root cause, the number of blocks free into the database were over and stop to show data into End User Application Screens.

Sem título.png

🙂 😆 🙂 😆 😉

I hope this help you.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you for this! I am sure it will help a lot of people. I hope we can start getting more SSM users/consultants posting documents like these.

      This really illustrates the whole point of having SDN(promoting a culture of learning and sharing).

      Thanks 🙂

      Author's profile photo Bruno Heissler
      Bruno Heissler
      Blog Post Author


      I really thank you for the support.

      Best Regards.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing this! i'm not facing this issue, but i leared a lot from this material, especialy de names of the logs generated by every different tool. Thanks for sharing knowlege with everybody, i'm sure this will be valuable material por many people.