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Hybrid cloud deployments? Check out two new hybrid integration demos!

Hybrid cloud deployments are required by many companies to integrate cloud with on-premise applications.  These demos cover the integration between SAP Customer OnDemand and SAP ERP (ECC) on premise and SAP Customer OnDemand and SAP CRM on premise.  The demos focus on integration scenarios and the business process integration between the applications.    They both have voice animation that explain the integration.  Over this year we’ll provide more technical details on the demos and how they execute using SAP HANA Cloud Integration.  So, first step is to check out the demos and see the integration points, then next month we’ll provide more technical details on the demos and SAP HANA Cloud Integration.  

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  • Hi Ginger,

    these are excellent demos and brings information to the on-premise and cloud integration question.

    Would it be possible to have these two as pdf ? That can be read at leisure ?

    Thank you,


  • Hello Ginger,

    More things coming around integration examples

    1) Direct BYD to a JAVA application

    2) BYD through HCI to a JAVA application

    3) BYD through HCI to several JAVA applications

    We will let the community know 🙂

    Best Regards,


  • Hello Ginger,

    Thank you for the good links. I need some answers for following topic.

    What can be done in following case ?

    Scenario : How can we integrate on premise system (SAP) with non - SAP cloud system?

    In the integration, need to send a query from on premise (SAP) to cloud (non SAP) and get data from the cloud (non-SAP) system, based on the query. Also need to call this integration functionality from the user interface of the SAP system. Can this integration scenario be invoked as  web service from the SAP system application or interface using proxy?

    ( Main idea is to call the integration functionality from the actual application as a webservice call )

    1) Is there documentation available for similar scenario ?

    2) Can SAP HCI support such integration ?

    3) What is better SAP PO or SAP HCI for such scenario (on premise to cloud)?

    I am new to SAP PO and SAP HCI. Any help or documentation will be appreciated.