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BPC 10 NW how to load master attributes/text and hierarchy load.

MY BPC have Dimension name = ACCOUNT,

BW Info object = 0GL_ACCOUNT, my gl account have compounding info object 0CHRT_ACCTS.

MY BPC dimension ACCOUNT have properties – ACCTYPE, PARENTH1 and other mandatory fields, we maintained hierarchy for gl account in bw side and bpc also.master data attributes/text and hierarchy load from BW info object

First we need to master attribute/text load. below is the transformation file.

For account type we are passing constant value as EXP if we get blank from BW.






SKIP = 0










go to Excel, Data maanger, choose transformation file–> Validate and process T/fer file

As below

while validating transformation file, need to give below options.

Data type as Master attributes/text from NW info obj from bw., select the bw info obj and bpc dimension name.

go to SET selection tab, you can enter chart of accounts(am giving as ABCD) in attribute, provide bw gl account hierarchy name and choose set filter by attribute or not. Below screen is entering attribute value for chart of account.

below am provided hierarchy name(BW hier name)

Normally default one selected is set filters by attr and hier. but when we have hierarchy to our dim, then we need to choose OR option which shown below.

after setting above options, save , after the success of validation,

Run DM package for master data attributes.

Click on run package on import master data attr/text infobj

with selection of info object and dim.after the successful of attr/text load need to run hierarchy load.

See the part1

Thank you all

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  1. Former Member

    In you transformation file, you load the ACCTYPE as “EXP”, while in reality, there are 4 type of account type for the balance sheet hierarchy, is this mean that you have to manully modofied those account in BPC for each node?

    1. George Serfiotis

      I, also, have the same question: how to populate the acctype property for ACCOUNT-related dimensions? If a flat value like “EXP” is used in the transformation file, it will overwrite manually adjusted entries (i.e., AST, LEQ, INC) during the next master data load.

  2. Former Member

    I dont have such package-

    Run DM package for master data attributes.

    Click on run package on import master data attr/text infobj

    How to add it in the model? (in each standard model there is different list of packages)

  3. Former Member

    Hi All,

    My Current EPM Addin is SP19 and The NW is CPMBPC 800 SP14.We tried loading the master data with Hierarchies.I have 2 issues:

    1. While loading the master data (IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER) , If I want to Load the Hierarchy Ids along with , its working only if I Provide the Filter in Set Selection.Else It fails With

    Error:Error in Admin Module or Component Used by Admin module.

    Dimension member ? in an invalid member ID.

    2. If I provide the Filter , step 1 is succeed ,, but While loading the Hierarchy , I am facing the below Error:

    Time version of Dimension “BW_PLANT” does not exist.

    My BW hierarchy is Time Independent , Can Anybody please explain why The Above error is coming and How can we resolve it.


  4. Former Member

    Hi Former Member,

    Thanks for the nice doc. I think the process above loads just members (attributes) not hierarchy. I heard that each node of the hierarchy must be loaded as members. How do you do that? do you choose levels in the hierarchy ?


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