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Adding New info object to info cube Which have data.

This will be simple one but may be helpful..

My cube have data as shown below.

Now am planned to add 0customer to Entity Dim.

Go to RSA1, Administration–>Re modelling tab,

Take you to the below screen.

Give the remodeling rule name and target on which you want add info obj. click on create, its gave a pop uo box to enter description.enter the required description and click on transfer. in below screen click on + symbol(add an operation to list)

Click on that , Below screen will popup.

here we can see all options which we want add/delete, for adding we not pass values using 4 options as show above. time being am using constant value.

after filling the required options here, click on Transfer. next save and Click on check. there is an option impact analysis, by adding/deleting if we want know the any impact, clik on it , it shows you.

After this check options , you can schedule, it will adjust the all necessary changes in cube dimension.

Next screen will come with start later and start immediately. choose as you want. but choosing here as start immediately.

after choosing immediately,

you can see below message, then go with monitor or job log.

as we see in pic. after the success of this job, you can see added filed in your target.

See my cube have added info obj in IC_EVA3.

By adding new obj, DTP was deactivated, so make it active and use usual.

My doc – purpose is too add info object to target which have data.


Remodeling purpose is just add or delete info object from cube which have data.

For added info object need historical data then drop whole data from cube and reload from source.

If you won’t need histocal data then droping data from cube was not needed. Thru delta loads now onwards data will be filled for added info object.

Thank you all.

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