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Where to look for the latest SAP HANA information?

I have to admit, I’m still having problems navigating around the different SAP HANA community sites. There is one for developers using AWS for free, another for developers who use SAP HANA One from the AWS Marketplace, a general SAP HANA for business, and who knows what else?

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I thought I’d put together another one of my lists of resources for SAP HANA and cross-post the heck out of it 🙂 Oh – BTW, the kind folks at SAP informed me that cross-posting is a no-no. 😯 Instead I’ll rely on cross-posting the LinkedIn groups that I mentioned below. 😉 It’s also a pain to make updates in multiple locations.

List of Resources from SAP

SAP HANA Developer Center

This is my favorite hangout – For the most part, it’s a place for developers using SAP HANA, either at SAP or in the real world, to share great technical information.


You got problems? Post your questions here – This is where the SAP HANA support team is hanging out. I can generally get a response within 1 hour after posting a question.

SAP HANA and In-Memory Business Data Management

Looking for the latest news from the SAP HANA marketing team? Set your RSS feed to content here – This site also has a mix of technical content from folks, so you you’ll need to hunt for nuggets. Hopefully, the technical content will move to the SAP HANA Developer Center 🙂

SAP HANA “Community” Blog

If you want to here what key people from SAP have to say about SAP HANA, check out the site. It looks like a managed site as no one from the actually community can add their blog posts to the site. My hope is that some day I’ll be able to guest post. Sort of like making the “Cover of the Rolling Stones” magazine.

SAP HANA Document Library

The best way that I keep up with the latest documentations is to setup an RSS feed to

This site has the latest document postings from the experts at SAP. It was one of my primary sources for my blog post – I just added my own categories. 😉

SAP Mentors

Of course, there is the SAP Mentor site at There is a lot of great content from folks that are the experts across all SAP products. To learn more about the SAP Mentor program, check out

Thank you Vladislav Volodin for pointing out for the latest documentation on SAP HANA. This was one of my primary results for by earlier post – Don’t expect to find any community at this location – just the facts, ma’am.


List of Outside SAP Community Resources

Bluefin solutions

Ever since SAP TechEd 2012, I started to follow the folks at BlueFin – They have some great consultants working on SAP HANA and are willing to share their insights.

SAP and Amazon Web Services

The folks at Amazon have a very nice landing page with the latest information of there certified SAP solutions at


There are two groups that I cross post my blogs to: In-Memory SAP HANA ( and SAP HANA – a subgroup of SAP Community ( Both groups are “locked” but they let most people in. Both have decent discussions about SAP HANA and every now and then I pick up a new source. Like any LinkedIn group, there are plenty of head hunters posing opportunities. 😉

Call for Help

I’m sure I’m missing lots of additional resources. For example, I didn’t touch Facebook or Twitter, although I do have a Twitter list in the works. If you know a great source of content that’s updated on a regular basis, please share it with everyone by posting a comment on this blog. In addition, don’t be afraid to Rate and Like the post.


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