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Author's profile photo Varun Biswas

Customize Login Page for 7.0x

Hi Guys,

With all the new Technology, mobile and cool things kicking, its become difficult to search for “old” stuff. I thought let me share what might be my first little experiment on 7.0x platform. Pardon my lazyness for not highlighting everything

Customizing Portal Logon Screen NW 7.01

  1. Download Portal Screen par files for customizing
    1. Logon to Portal -> System Administrator -> Support -> Portal Runtime Step-1.a.jpg
    2. Drill down to ‘Test and Configuration Tools’ -> Browse deploymentStep-1.b.jpg
    3. Navigate to pcd -> - ii.jpg
    4. Click ‘view’ and save the file. It would be saved as ‘’.
    5. Rename the file with ‘.par’ extension
  2. Customization of Logon par
    1. Import the par file into your NWDS           
        Step-2.a - i.jpgStep-2.a - ii.jpgStep-2.a - iii.png
    2. Open the J2EE perspective for making changes
    3. Add Libraries ‘’ and ‘umelogonbase.jar’ to /dist/ PORTAL-INF/ lib. You can get it from the same par file which you downloaded at step 1.c at the same folder /PORTAL-INF/lib folder. Just to be sure I copied the entire contents in to dist directory.Step-2.c - i.jpgStep-2.c - ii.jpg
    4. Edit Images “Branding-image.jpg”, “Branding-image-portals.jpg”, “Branding-text.gif”, “Branding-text-portals.gif” and “sap_logo.png and saplogo.gif” as per your requirement. For further customization ‘umLogonPage.jsp ‘, ‘umTopArea.txt’ and ‘umContentArea.txt’ can be edited as per requirement. (refer last Image)
  3. Deploy Application
    1. Export and deploy par file
      Step-3.a - i.pngStep-3.a - ii.png
      Step-3.a - iii.jpgStep-3.a - iv.png
  4. Post activites
    1. Create custom authsceme.XML
    2. Logon on to Configtool and go to configuration edit mode. 
      Step-4.b - i.jpgStep-4.b - ii.jpg
    3. Drill down to Configuration -> cluster_data -> server -> persistent ->
    4. Create a Node                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
    5. Download authscheme.xml, replace “” with your par file name and save as file named in step 4.d.
    6. Upload this file in the node created in step 4.d
      Step-4.f - i.png  Step-4.f - ii.png
    7. Go back to the config tool mdoe and drill don to cluster-data-> Global Server Configuration -> services -> and change the login.authscheme.definition.file entry,Step-4.g.png
    8. Restart server

Final Product.jpg

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      Author's profile photo Sowmya M
      Sowmya M

      Hi Varun,

      First of all I want to thank you for such a useful blog. You are 100% right , its very difficult to search for old stuffs and I was searching for document like this, Logon page customization for portal version 7.0 is no where explained in brief.  This Blog is very much helpful for beginners like me.

      We have a requirement to change the Branding text in the logon page. The portal version is 7.0 and the screen is already customized and the customer want to change the  branding text.

      I have followed the same steps mentioned by you but in the step 3.Export and deploy par file , finding some difficulties. We have already having the customized My_authschemes.xml file with customized par file name( so I think no need of performing the step 4) but not getting how to deploy par file. please let me know so that I can share my .xml file with you for help. Hope you will help me on this. We are finding difficulty while deploying par file in NWDS.