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Compatibility Matrix for EDI-Adapters / Considerations for Updates

Since this blog has been started, I have received several questions regarding the availability of the different Adapter-Version for specific PI releases. Therefor I am also posting here the latest compatibility matrix for the EDI-Adapters.


Update – Information (from PI 7.1.1 to PI 7.3.1)

So far, several EDI-Adapter-Customers have performed an update from a version 7.1.1 to the newest version 7.3.1 and no major issues have occured with the adapters. Of course an adapter-version should be used which is released and available for both PI-versions (e.g. 2.1.5).

Update – Information (from Adapter Version 2.1.5  to 2.2. )

To upgrade adapter-version 2.1.5 to version 2.2. the sca-files of the adapters can just be deployed without undeploying the previous versions. Therefore in JSPM the “forceMode” needs to be used with the “updateAll” setting to make sure everything gets deployed.

The following 3 files are not used any more in version 2.2 and can be undeployed:

– com.seeburger.messagesplitter.apiwrappers

– com.seeburger.xi.functions

– com.seeburger.xi.functions.log.lib

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