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Carry Forward Absence Quota

I. Purpose

     One of common and complex request involving Absence Quota is carry forward from current year to next year. There are many concerns and questions posted to find appropriate solution. Thus in this document I will give you a good solution and step by step how to CARRY FORWARD absence quota. Basing on my document, you will be more easier to adapt SAP Time Management to meet your customer’s expectation.

     However, there are some basic information I have already mentioned in another documents, such as: grouping Personnel Structure (EE group and EE subgroup), Enterprise Structure (Personnel Area and Personnel Sub-Area), Grouping for Time Recording and the way to generate absence quota by using Time Type, so I will not re-write it again. Please look at link Absence Quota basing on Working Date.

II. Requirement

     Here it’s the customer’s expectation involving Absence Quota Type 20 – Sick Leave that should be implemented in their system:

          1. Yearly Absence Quota is 30 days.

          2. Generate 2.5 days (30/12) per month for employee at the last date of month.

          3. Start available: Hiring date or 1st Jan. End available: end of year 31st Dec.

          4. If remaining >= 10 days in this year, 10 days will be carried forward to next year.

III. Solution

     First of all, you have to create 2 Time Type and overview purpose as below

     1. Time Type 9D50 will be stored value to generate Absence Quota. Whenever Time Type is not initial, Absence Quota in IT2006 will be created automatically when accomplishing run Time Evaluation PT60.

          9D50 will be generated in a customized PCR with logic below:

                    – plus 2.5 days (30/12)

                    – plus accumulated in Time Type 9WSL

                         => assign to Time Type 9WSL

                    – Clear 9WSL immediately (to be sure that duplication 9WSL will not happen).                                                                        

     2. Time Type 9WSL check whether remaining Absence Quota bigger or equal 10 or not? If it’s exactly, number 10 will be inserted into Time Type 9WSL and 9WSL is a bridge to bring this value from current year to next year.

          Note: create Time Type 9WSL 1 time per year, after accomplish generated Absence Quota on 31st Dec. So 9WSL exists only from 31st Dec to end of Jan next year. Why? because whenever last of month is coming, 9D50 will be inputted value and 9WSL will be blank So from Feb to Dec, 9WSL always equals 0.

     These are important points. From now steps by steps in configuration V_T559L and Time Schema also will be mentioned here.

1. Grouping

     As mention at the beginning, the Grouping I will use here: EE: 2, PA: 09 and Time Recording: 01.

2.Constant and Time Type

     2.1. ZPLEL Yearly absence quota is 30, it’s maintained in V_T511K


     2.2. Time Type 9D50

     It’s only used 1 time per month so it’s configuration is really simple. Just save as day balance.


     2.3. Time Type 9WSL

     As you can see the purpose of 9WSL, storing value on last day of year and bring to next year, so you have to configure as picture below:

Activate “Transfer previous year”. Without choosing this function, whenever 1st Jan comes, value in 9WSL will be blank. It means value calculated on 31st Dec will not carried to the day after – 1st Jan.


3. Configure in V_T559L

     With grouping above, there are steps for configuring in Table view Automatic Absence Quota Generation.

     3.1. Base Entitlement tab: of course it’s will be assigned to Time Type 9D50.

Base entitl.png

     3.2. Transfer tab: it’s important tab. Specifies the time at which the accrual entitlements are transferred to the Absence Quotas infotype (2006) to be made available for deduction. As the absence quota has to created monthly (at the last day of every month), so “Per time Evaluation Period” is necessary.


     If you choose “Per calendar year”, assuming that from Jan – Nov, employee has 2.5 days Sick Leave every month, but when you open IT2006 in PA20, you cannot see Sick Leave. Why? because Transfer time to IT2006 is Calendar year, it’s only transfer value in Time Type 9D50 to IT2006 on 31st Dec.

     Co-operation with Validity/deduction interval in index 3.3. It will help us accumulate Absence Quota monthly into yearly.

    3.3. Validity/deduction interval

Validity Deduction interval.png

     As mention in 3.2, both of them will create Absence Quota monthly but accumulate yearly

     Transfer time is monthly, so whenever 9D50 is not blank, Absence Quota will be generated in IT2006 with period is:

          Begin Date : Calendar Year (Start) => normally it’s hiring date in 1st year, and 1st Jan from second year.

          End date: Calendar Year (End) => always 31st Dec.

    Deduction Period:

          Begin Date : Start of validity interval: it’s Calendar year (chosen last step): => hiring date or 1st Jan.

          End date: End of validity interval: it’s Calendar year => always 31st Dec.

     For example: employee joined company on 1st-Oct-2011

          in Oct-2011, employee has 2.5 days in 9D50, in IT2006: 1 record:

               Start 01.10.2011 – end 31.12.2011, Number 2.5, deduction: Start 01.10.2011 – end 31.12.2011.

          next month Nov-2011:

               just update record above:

               Start 01.10.2011 – end 31.12.2011, Number 5.0, deduction: Start 01.10.2011 – end 31.12.2011.

          in Dec-2011

               Start 01.10.2011 – end 31.12.2011, Number 7.5, deduction: Start 01.10.2011 – end 31.12.2011.

    3.4. Other tabs aren’t important so only sharing:


Accural Period.png

Accural Entitl.png


4. Time Schema and PCR

    4.1. Time schema ZW04:

    Copy new Schema from TM04 and insert new schema with structure below:


     NOTE: you have to insert PCRs in order as same as I have done here.

     The logic already explained in this picture. Only call PCR ZW6C (creating Time Type 9D50) for generating Sick Leave Quota If EOM is true

     CUMBT: update value of time type in database.

     QUOTA: update absence quota and create new / modify records in IT2006.

     Next, check 31st Dec by ZI51, it’s correct, ZW51 will be call to update value for Time Type 9WSL. After that CUMBT must be call again.

     4.2: PCR ZW6C

     ZW6C SL balance.png

HRS=CZPLEL Get value ZPLEL in V_T511K, it’s 30.
HRS/12 Divide 12, current value is 2.5
HRS+M9WSL Plus Accumulate value of 9WSL into HRS.
ADDDB9D50Z Add into Time Type 9D50
HRS=0 HRS = 0

        4.3: PCR ZI51


     4.4. PCR ZW51

     ZW51 - Carry Absense Quota.png

HRS=FR20C Get Absence Quota left with subtype 20 in IT2006
HRS?10     Comparing with 10
* >=
HRS=10 HRS=10
ADDDB9WSLZ Assign to 9WZL to carry forward
< <

     That’s all Next part is testing to be sure that solution is correct

IV. Testing

     Hiring employee on May-2011


     Running PT60 until 31st May 2011, 2.5 Absence Quota with period from 01.05.2011 to 31.12.2011

     => It’s correct


     Running PT60 until 31st Dec 2011, 20 days (from May to Dec: 8 months) Absence Quota with period from 01.05.2011 to 31.12.2011

     => It’s correct


     Running PT60 until 31st Jan 2012, 12.5 days (10 days in 2011 and 2.5 days in Jan 2012) Absence Quota with period from 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2012

     => ALL is correct


Note: Another solution is using UPDTQA** (update Absence Quota directly, not use Time Type). You can follow my explanations in thread:

Best Regards!


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      • Hi Woody,

        Your document was really good but i have one question

        10days of CF you are generating in such a way that it is CF on jan 31st but in that case

        if suppose employee want to take leave in jan first week on in between 1 to 30th jan how can he take.

        So can you provide me a solution in my case where CF quota of Dec shld accquire on 1st jan and not on 31st jan.

        How to change in your pcr please guid me.



        • Hi Hat!

               As you can see, the deduction period is same year, so employee’s only available in this year πŸ™‚ Eg: absence quota in 2012 is 20 days(I assume), and in 2013 until now it’s still 0, so employee CANNOT apply corresponding Leave in 2013, but he can request a leave request in 2012.

               With your concern, I think your case is: from 1st-Jan to 30th-Jan, employee takes a Leave request in previous year, right? So don’t worry, whenever Time Data changed, Time Evaluation will re-run from that day (because SAP will automatically modify the PDC recalculation in IT3), so the value to carry forward will be decreased πŸ™‚ eg: on 15th Jan, employee raised a Leave Request from 25th-Dec -> 30th-Dec, Time Evaluation (PT60) will re-run from 25th-Dec until system date.

               => No need to change any thing πŸ™‚

               btw: please look at 2 links below for more information: How PT60 start and Understaning Infotype

               Hope you are clear now!



          • Hi Woody,

            Thanks for replay.

            I am using TM04 Schema and my golive went on Dec 2012 now i want the legecy absence quota to be carryforward to jan but when i run pt60 its picking on jan 31st in test mode and in live i think i have to wait till the 31st jan comes to activate in 2006 the balance CF with general leave of 1.5 for me as we have 18days leave per yr.

            so lets say if employee takes a leave in 5th jan to 10th jan  in 2013 total 6days so he can apply in this way

            05.12.2012 to 10.12.2012 for jan month.

            If yes i have a zreport where i store total working days of that  calander period so how i it get reflect.

            I just need you help in how to generating quota on jan 1st insted of 31st from you logic could youhelp me on this because your document is smiler to client req.



          • Hi Hat!

            I got your request! It’s really easy πŸ˜€

            In V_T559L

            1. Goto tab Accrual Period -> choose Daily

            2. Goto tab Transfer time -> choose Upon Accrual

            In Schema: as you can see in Time Schema, I inputted PCR ZW6C after condition EOM, you just create 1 PCR check it’s the first date of month or not πŸ˜€ and insert ZW6C.

            Hope you clear now πŸ™‚



          • Hi Woody,

            I have one requirement where when i run PT60 and generating quota program should check IT0041 where i have maintained D1 as date of joining date and run pt60.

            Condition: if emp total calander days is more that 240days the quota should generate if not sys should not pick employee at the time of running pt60 for perticular quota.

            Could you guide me how to do it.



          • Hi Hat!

            Could you please investigate carefully before raising a question πŸ™

            Your request is really easy. Look Schema – useful links & T-Codes you will find useful information to control Schema and research Absence Quota wiki.

            You can use HRS=Y…. Please using T-code I mentioned in this link already PDSY:

            Variable 5: JJ      Date type for reading the
                                 Date Specifications infotype (0041)



      • Dear Sir,

        I have a same scenario which you explained above..

        2.5 days is not getting generated & configured same thing in my system what u done above.

        Can you please help me we are using + management..

        Please help!!!

  • Dear Woody,

    Thanks for the document.

    Can you please put some light on the below scenario

    Absence Type CL(Casual Leave) is not going to be carry fwd to next year.(Mapped)

    Remaining Absence quota i.e. EL(Earned Leave) is going to be encashed in each year.(Mapped)

    Remaining Absence quota i.e. SL(Sick Leave) will be carry fwd to next calendar yr.(Need your help to do so)



  • Hi Woody,

    I thank you for posting this wonderful document. It has helped me so much in configuration.

    And finally your Personal Support to resolve my Quota carry forward issues.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Anthony Kisku

  • Hi woody,

    Thanks for providing excellent stuff and i’m looking for a document about positive management process.


    Prabhakar Reddy.

      • Hi Woody,

        I have a scenario:30 PL Quota per annum (2.5 per month) but at the end of the year only 50% of the accrued quota is carry forwarded to next year and up to a maximum of 90 days. First year am able to carry forward 50% of accrued quota; but am unable to add 50% of accrued from 3rd year. Need help..



      • Hi Woody,

        I have a scenario:30 PL Quota per annum (2.5 per month) but at the end of the year only 50% of the accrued quota is carry forwarded to next year and up to a maximum of 90 days. First year am able to carry forward 50% of accrued quota; but am unable to add 50% of accrued from 3rd year. Need help..

        And also some light on generating quota through time evaluation 30 EL per annum if employee has 240 days physical attendance except for LOP/ LWP.

        Thanks in anticipation of a reply..Gud Day.. πŸ™‚



        • Hi Sree,

          Why you have problem from 3rd year and what is the problem?

          For quota generation what is you accrual period? Will you generate 30 at end of year or you would generate it monthly for example? If you generate it monthly would you consider 240/12 as attendance per month or what is your scenario?

          Anyway, for quota generation you need a time type to count the attendance days and you should put this time type “Accrual entitlement” tab of “Selection rules” section of V_T559L. Put it in “Period balance” and select “Pro rata calculation”. You need and base entitlement also which can be 2.5 per month or 30 per year.



        • I dont understand what u meant that you could not forward from 3rd year onward πŸ˜• Just same logic will be run again on the last date annually 31st Dec. Please run your Time Schema in display log mode and check step by step carefully. Anw plz note you have capping is 90 days, I think in your time schema, there is some special logic (PCRs eg) to check this condition.

          About counting 240 days annually, you can refer my document: Absence Quota basing on Working Date If you are very clear this article, you will find very easy to implement your condition in system.



  • Hi Woody,

    Thanks you so much for your document. it really helps people like me who are in beginning stage of learning time management. i learned well in this,

    Excepting more documents with different scneario on time, thank you



  • Thank you Woody. This is a wonderful knowledge document.

    Is there an optimal way to bring forward the negative leave balances of previous years into the current year?

    Executing retro Time Eval (say) from year 2010, might be risky especially if there are around 1000 employees.



    • Thanks Santosh πŸ™‚

      Hi Somdeb,

      For your case, I think you have to use LSMW to update data into IT2013 (Quota Corrections) to modify Quota directly (of course need to run Time Evaluation πŸ˜€ ).



  • Dear Woody, 

    Thanks for your document, it’s really helpful for my scenario. I have done the most of the configuration, when I test, it’s calculating wrong in some cases, Please find below details and help me out for the same.

    I have already email the details, Please help


    Scenario: – Annual Leave Quota is 21 days per year. And
    every month 1.75 Generated at the end of the month. In the month of December
    Quota should be Carry forward to next year Maximum 30 days. More than 30 days
    should be leave encashment.


    Test Case:


    Employee Joined on 01.01.2012. Every month 1.75
    Quota generated till December-2012 correctly.

    21 days from 2012 and 1.75 = 22.75 days Jan-2013 Quota.

    When Running quota in the month of Feb-2013. Quota Calculating incorrect.

      It should 22.75+1.75 = 24.5 Days. but it’s generating 45.5 days .

  • Hi Woody

    I am facing an issue with the QUOTAS

    My employee is entitled to 32 days per year(Accrual Monthly and transfer Upon Accrual)

    MOnthly – 2.66667 days

    In IT 2006 i notice that quota appears with 5 decimal points

    Base Entitlement is maintained with Number = 32

    Rounding Rule – Monthly 2.66667 X to 2.66667 rounded to 2.66668

    With above setup i have to round off the quota to whole number

    Like if employee is working only for 8 months

    8* 2.66668 = 21.33344 days

    Above should be rounded to 21 days

    HOwever when i use below PCR to empty the Quota it leave a balance of 0.0004





    could you please tell me how i can make the quota zero before moving to next rule where i can round the quota and Reudate the Quota



  • Hi Woody,

    As per my client req 2.75 days/month quota should get accrued.

    My emp joins on 01.04.2013 and I executed TM till 01.01.2015. Upto 31.12.2013, he accrued only 24.7, it’s correct. But in next year, on 31.12.2014 he accrued 73.00, which is wrong.

    I put a check for 40 days quota. Only 40 days will get carry forwarded.

    Actually it is adding up 33+24.7= 57.7 > 40, then it is adding 40+33= 73. But it should only check 24.7, as it is < 40, it got added added as 57.7.

    Next year 01.01.2015, he should start will 57.7 days leave only. not 73.

    Pls help me to solve this issue.

  • Hi Woody,

    I changed in my quota config a bit and it’s working fine now.

    I have another issue now….

    I generated quotas for next 2 yrs and their deduction period is from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015 (validity: 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014) and (validity: 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015) deduction period: 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016.

    Every year it is accruing 33 days. My emp joins on 01.04.2014 so first year only 24.7 days were there.

    I have updated 2001 from 01.05.2015 to 01.06.2015 and remaining quota in 2015 is now 0.75.

    Next time I executed TEV for next year as mentioned above. It is showing 57.7 days (24.75+ 33) at the end of the year.

    Ideally it should take 33+ 0.75 (which is remaining now). It is not taking remaining balance.

    Is it happening because I am executing this TEV for future date? Pls suggest.

    • Yes I guess so. You are using Remaining Quota up to key date (for you case maybe it’s 31.01.2015. Key date is the date you are running in Time Schema to generate Absence Quota).

      You can try another options provided by SAP already:

      Syntax for zzzz: xqqv

      x                       Absence Quota Information

                   E           Entitlement

                   C           Used (without compensation) up to key date

                   M           Compensated up to key date

                   F           Used (with compensation) up to key date

                   R           Remaining quota up to key date

                   A           Calculated quota status

                   U           Transfer pool up to key date

                   X           Start time of quota

                   Y           End time of quota

                   Z           Difference between start and end time

                   V           Number of days between key date and forfeit day

                               of the quota (maximum value is 99999)

      You can check more in PDSY => operation time => HRS => find more F (get data from IT2006). Good luck.

      Btw I’m very happy when u can resolve the previous issue πŸ˜€ It’s good way to get independent and self-confident.

  • Hi Woody,

    Your all posts are very helpful. Thanks for sharing. But I have a little doubt, describe below-

    If scenario is like Employees, joined in 04.2010 can max entitled 300 leave and if joined after 04.2010 can entitled only max 60 leave but time evaluation run from 04.2012. So how we can configure that?


  • Hi Woody,

    Your document is very helpful, resolved my issue of generating Annual leave quota monthly basis. Our requirement is as below

    Annual leave entitlement is 26 in calendar yr, 2.167 accrued monthly basis after 1month of joining and 5 days of the leave balance on last date of the year will be carried fwd to next year and rest will be encashed.

    Now 2.167 leave generation per time evaluation period as guided by you is working fine as i followed you, but issue is on 1st Jan its only carrying forward last month’s balance i.e. 2.17 for 01.12.2014 to 31.12.2014 period. Say if Emp. is joining from 01.08.2014, his balance on 31st Dec.should be 2.17×4=8.68 and out of that 5 leaves should be carried fwd i.e. on 31st Jan,2015 it should be 5+2.17=7.17

    How can i consider cumulative month’s balance for carrying fwd

    Please help



    • Hi Tandrima,

      I am not clear what are you concerning now?

      In my document, there is a sentence: “4. If remaining >= 10 days in this year, 10 days will be carried forward to next year”.

      From my understanding, your case only carry maximum 5 days, isn’t it? So there is no difference, you just update constant from 10 to 5. Thanks.

      Best Regards,


      • Woody, Thanks for the reply. Yes that part is clear.

        My concern is something else, it is like, monthly quota is not getting accumulated after generating every month basis. Means if 2.17 monthly quota from 01.08.2014 onwards, on 31st we should have accumulated balance of 2.17×5= 10.85 which should actually carry fwd to next yr on 1st, but in my case its carrying fwd only 2.17 i.e. December’s quota

        Please help



        • I though your leave absences in 2006 generated monthly and deduction period is monthly as well. So of course end of Dec, only Leave Absence in Dec is effective.

          You have to clear understand how to generate Absence Quota by configuration in T559L as well as how to set Deduction Period for Absence Quota.

          You have missed some key steps, please check carefully again. Good luck.

          If employee has 2 leave absence quota:

          Nov 3.0 days (deduction period is within Nov).

          Dec 2.5 days (deduction period is within Dec)

          => of course end of Dec (31.12) only 2.5 days in Dec is effective.



          • Woody, thanks a lot. πŸ™‚ ..i believe it should work now, actually issue was in transfer time tab in IT559L, there i selected as per time evaluation period, when i selected that as per calendar year, now its showing 10.85 balance o  31.12.2014. Though IT2006 update could not be tested, since future date TE is not allowed, need to use proper test case.. πŸ™‚

          • Woody,

            Thanks for the nice document.  By using your solution,  i have configured Quotas Carry forwarding in my project.  Everything is fine but in my project.

            Quota No. 16 per annuam

            Current year leave quota  – 16

            Utilized during Current year – 10

            Next Year Quota 6+16 = 16  Bcoz Carryforward

            As per your PCR :

            When we divide Constant / 12

            16 /12  is coming 1.33000  accumulating all this to pB Time type  its coming like 15.96000.

            I need your support to make it 16 round figure.  where should i insert the roundhr01 as per v_t559r table.    Your support in this is highly appreciated.




          • Hi Aruna.

            You can simply archive this by using rounding rule. 1st define your rounding rule and assign in your configuration table V_T559L or  in time schema.

            Take your time to see the operation ROUND in T-code PDSY, it may useful for you or try to looking for in SCN where there are a lot of entries about the topic already.

            Good luck.

            Best Regards.


  • Hi Woody,

    I have a requirement with the client where its based on the date of hire the PLD entitlements would take place.

    The PLD entitlement is set in the table V_T559L .As per the rule the entitlement is set as “5” from 01.01.2003 to 31.12.2014 and its “3” from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.9999.  The PCR is also written for generating absence quotas based on the entitlement thro PT60.

    However client has asked to put an additional logic to look into the hire date . If the hire date is before 14.06.2014 then it will generate entitlement as 5, but if the hire date is after 14.06.2014 then it will generate entitlement as 3. Could you please let me know where to put this logic for hire date before the rule is called.



    • Hello

      You will need to create three timetypes


      9901 – Entitlement 3

      9902 – Entitlement 5

      9900 – Quota Entitlement

      Step 2:

      Write a PCR to add entitlement in to Time Types 9901 and 9902

      Step 3:

      Another PCR to Query the date 14.06.2014  and then push the relevant time type to 9900

      Step 4:

      Query this time type 9900 in your T559L under day balance

      Woody what do you reckon im sure you have a better way of doing above πŸ™‚



      • Hi Sanchita,

        There are many way to control the scenario. You can follow Venkatesh’s suggestion which I agree totally πŸ˜€

        Hi Venkatesh, Ajay, Sankarsan,

        Thanks for your supporting. Keep it up πŸ™‚

        Hi Tandrima,

        Glad to hear that it is working in your system know.

        TE allows to run upto future date expect using positive time schema. Anw SAP just have a PCR to restrict processing + time in future date, if you want to deactivate, just simply comment the pcr. However if + time we should not process future time, as we don’t have actual time data input yet πŸ˜€

        Best Regards,


        • Hello Woody,

          Thanks for your post, it’s really helpful. I am newbie to SAP HCM and I am struggling with some payroll requirements in Vietnam. I still have some problems that need to be clear. Could I write you to ask for help?



          P/S: Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

          • Hi Hoa,

            I thought the most difficult point for VN payroll is to calculate 6 months average salary for resignee’s scenario. You can refer my document:

            Payroll processing – Calculate average 6 month Basic Salary

            For Tax processing, you will need to have a customized infotype to record:

            1. Kind of tax: fix 10% for short term, or following rate table: 9M 10%, 15M 15%, etc.

            2. How many dependent?

            You have to deeply understand some standard operations & functions => please find SAP document in T-code PDSY or press F1 key while checking schema / pcr in PE01 / PE02.

            You can refer my one which may be useful for you:

            Useful documents for Schema & PCR configuration

            and the list necessary function & schema have been listed in the following link:

            Schema – useful links & T-Codes

            If you face any issue, try to read document again and then run payroll in display log mode. It is best way to resolve the problem in payroll.

            If you need help, just post on SCN forum, for sure there are others functional consultants supporting you.

            Good luck πŸ˜€

            Best Regards,

            Woody Nguyen

          • Hi, Woody

            Thanks for sharing. But what do you mean customized infotype? In other words, how can you import data from exel file into SAP HR?

            Thanks & Regards

            Hoa Nguyen

          • Hi Hoa,

            In case SAP has not provide standard infotype to record some mandatory information yet, we may need to develop some new infotype which is called as customized infotype.

            There are many wage to import excel to SAP HR, you can try through LSMW or you can build a new program by yourself, you can refer in SCN where includes a lot of discussions and documents already. Good luck.

            Hi Niladri,

            I didn’t try it. I thought you can enhance more logic in userexit provided by SAP to carry absence quota by your own requirement. Thanks

            Best Regards,

            Woody Nguyen

    • Hi Niladri.

      Good day. Without Time evaluation carryforward requirement cannot be done in standard SAP,,

      I have recently got the same requirement and i went via with user exit and i successfully did it. hence please go with user exit



  • Heyy Woody,

    In ur PCR u r checking if the remaining days are >= 10, if yes, then u are carry forwarding 10 days to next calendar year. In my case, I should be forwarding all the remaining days to next calendar year. What should I be doing for this?

    Say for Ex: My total PL per year is 25 days and on 31 Dec 2014, remaining PL is 20 days. so from 1 Jan 2015 to 31 Dec 2015, My total available PL should be 25 + 20 (20 which are not used in 2014) = 45. Could u plz help me out in this?



        • Dear Sir,

          I have a scenario, i  have generated 2.5 days per month .But if employee not work of his actual calendar days the quota should be deduct from the 2.5 days .

          Eg : if employee works on 26 days on the month of March ie 31 calendar days then the quota must 31-5 =26 & quota must generate 2.09

  • Hi  Woody,

    I am using your configuration as you mentioned in your post.

    Bur I need a little more help from you. In my project we are using RPTIME00 to accrue earned leave quota. But as we are updating outstanding leave balances as on cut off date, and then upon executing the time evaluation it is actually over writing the cut off balance.

    Example: In IT2006 leave balance as on cut off say 100 days from 01.04.2015 to 31.12.2015 with deduction period as the same like validity but end date is 31.12.9999

    In time evaluation, quota is getting accrued 2.75 days per month. If I execute RPTIME00 for month of April , as this is our Go-Live, it is over ridding the previous entry and now it is showing an entry with only 2.75 days with the same validity and deduction period mentioned above. Ideally it should have added the values and showed 102.75. Isn’t it?

    Please help me to overcome this issue?


    • Hi Arka,

      I am not quite sure why you design like that. For leave balance on cut of date (it means it is calculated outside SAP), you should create manually via LSMW, etc to update IT2006 with different Absence Quota e.g. 99 Golive Annual Balance.

      The new absence quota start generating from Go-live date should be a new one, such as 01 – Annual Leave.

      With the approach it will help you to avoid the issue and easy to track which record created manually and which one generated via Time Schema.

      Best Regards,


  • Hello Woody,

    i have a question:

    in your case the carry forward happens by the end of the calendar year, but what if it is supposed to occur by the end of 1 year since hiring ? for example, the employee is eligible to 30 days starting from 01.05.2015 till 31.04.2016, then his remaining balance will be valid as of 01.05.2016 till 31.04.2017 (and so on)

    is there a way to achieve this?

    in my case, the validity period is 1 year since hiring date.


    Best Regards.


    • Hi Fadwa,

      Your requirement is very tough, but I thought it can be done in Time Schema.

      The tricky part is how to identify 1 year for your employee. You can refer my document

      By using HRS=Y, you can calculate when it’s exactly 1 year / 2 years / etc your employee joins the company and decide to carry forward or not.

      To be very accurate, you should calculate how many days in Feb so you can decide whether 1 year 365 or 366 days.

      The operation check the value in IT41 so you can store the Hiring Date into the infotype.

      D      Date specifications in infotype 0041
      Specify in variable 5 JJ of the operation

      For more information please check SAP document via T-code PDSY.

      Good luck.

      Trong Minh (Woody)

  • Hi Rafi,

    Could you please share your pcr which is to handle the same purpose with my pcr 4.2: PCR ZW6C?


    Anw plz to check your configuration for time type 9WSL correctly or not? Thanks.


  • Many thanks for that..

    but i have issue , that afterΒ Carry Forward i have to deduct the amount form previous quota because deduction period 2 months + same year as below