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Get to Know SAP TechEd Virtual Hands-On Workshops

Did you visit SAP TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas or Madrid and still feel like there was not enough time to experience all topics and workshops you have been interested in? Then you definitely should sneak a peek at SAP TechEd Virtual Hands-On Workshops.

Since January 7, 2013 SAP TechEd Virtual Hands-On provides SAP TechEd attendees with a selection of hands-on sessions presented at SAP TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas, Madrid, Bangalore, and Shanghai. The whole program is available for 3 month until March 29 to Las Vegas and Madrid attendees and was included as part of the registration package.

Work Through 30+ Sessions on Your Own Pace

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 19.01.20.png

Each attendee with full conference registration has the opportunity to reserve a clone of one of the SAP TechEd 2012 laptop images – including backend connection – for a 20 hour time period on a first come, first serve basis. During this 20 hour period, the attendee can execute any of the sessions available on the respective image.

The available image types are SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects, and Sybase Unwired Platform. Each image has different software and consists of a different set of available workshops. A breakdown of the different sessions distributed to the three images is available on the SAP TechEd Virtual Hands-On content overview page.

Currently there are 35 hands-on workshops out of all eight SAP TechEd tracks available that deliver plenty of material with great SAP TechEd content. These hands-on workshops are created by SAP specialists and offer plenty of assets to guide the participant through any virtual sessions: exercise descriptions, PowerPoint slides, recordings, and system demos are available for download on the website and replace the real-life instructor to give the attendee the opportunity to work at his own pace.

If this is still not enough information about SAP TechEd Hands-On Workshops you can watch the replay of Christina Miller hosting Uli Klingels and me talking about the program on SAP TechEd Live in Bangalore.

Virtual Hands-On in a Nutshell

  • 35 SAP TechEd hands-on sessions out of all 8 tracks
  • 3 different images – SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business Objects, and Sybase Unwired Platform
  • 20 hour reservation period
  • Timeframe: January 7 to March 29
  • Website:

If you like to take the opportunity and spend some time with virtual hands-on training visit

Feel free to pass a comment below or contact us via email if you have any questions.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 19.01.20.png
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  • I can now sign up but the link to create an appointment doesn’t work quite right.  For sessions that are from 7am – 7pm it creates the appointment from 7pm of the preceding day to 7am of the correct day.  So, for instance, if I sign up for CD### on January 14th from 7am – 7pm it will create the appointment for January 13th 7pm – January 14th 7am.  Of course I can manually fix it but that makes me wonder if I truly signed up for the 14th from 7am – 7pm or if I signed up for 7pm – 7am.  It seems like there are still some bugs SAP needs to work on.

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for your feedback. We will have a look and fix this issue.

      It seems like there is only a bug in the creation of the appointment.

      Your reservation is scheduled as displayed in the “My reservation” section.

      Please excuse the inconvenience.