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Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha

Sharing Saved Searches in SolMan 7.1

This short blog is just a quick tip regarding the share of saved searches in the ITSM Web Client of Solution Manager 7.1. This functionality has been very appreciated by my customers.

When you create your own saved searches, they are available only in the current Business Role (Business Role dependent) and are private, cannot be seen by other users, even if the users use the same Business Role.
If you need or want, you can share your saved searches, favorites, favorite reports and tags with specific users or with all users who use the Business Role.

There are two different ways for sharing saved searches, it depends on which SP of Solution Manager 7.1 you have (software components involved: WEBCUIF, CRMUIF).

From SP5 onwards:

Execute SM_CRM and click the link Share in the right side:


Select Saved Searches. You can also share other items such as Favorites:


Click Search to find the saved search you want to share. Then select the line and click Choose:


The selected saved search will be shown in the Shared Items list.

To share it with a user, click Add in the Shared with Box. You can share with all users if you select Business Role instead of User.


To select a user to share with, search for the user and choose it:


If you want to make a comment to the user who will see this search, use the Message Box and click Search:


Now the shared item will be shown in the Box: “My Sharebox” below “Sent”:


The searches shared with you by others will be shown in the “Inbox” part. This is where the user will see your saved search that you shared with him/her.

The yellow icon represents the comment added when the search was shared. The picture below shows the Central Sharing Tool of the user with whom I shared the saved search “urgent changes imported”:


Before SP5:

Please check SAP Note 1372708. You can share saved searches with all users of a Business Role.

You will need to update two tables using SE16:

  • CRMD_SHORTCUT  (CRM Shortcuts)
  • CRMD_SHORTCUT_T  (Shortcuts text table)

In table CRMD_SHORTCUT, you will see that for entries corresponding to your saved searches, fields AUDIENCE TYPE has value “USER” and AUDIENCE KEY has your userid. Change these  fields as below:


AUDIENCE KEY = <name of the business role>

Go to table CRMD_SHORTCUT_T and enter a translation for your saved search.  As mentioned in the note: “Translations of the saved search title can be  done in table CRMD_SHORTCUT_T. Since searches with an empty description  are filtered out automatically, do not forget to provide it preferably  both in CRMD_SHORTCUT and CRMD_SHORTCUT_T”

Now your saved search will be available  in the “My Saved Search” area for all users who use this Business Role.

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      Author's profile photo Guy Pengelly
      Guy Pengelly

      Nice !!

      But it doesn't quite work for me.  Having completed the share process (to a business role), other users with that role do not see the search.  I have traced and found that the system looks for entries in the CRMD_SHORTCUT table with shortcut type ADVSEARCHS (presumably 'S' for Shared).  After sharing, my table entry still has ADVSEARCH.  I tried to change the type, but the domain for that element does not allow ADVSEARCHS.

      Could you check your CRMD_SHORTCUT table for the type of your shared searched and then also maybe the value range on the domain CRM_SHORTCUT_TYPE (through se11). I'm on SP7

      Author's profile photo Vlad aka Skif
      Vlad aka Skif


      My [Search] "Search Criteria" is "No result found"...

      p.s. i want to add search BP->incidents by BP email or tel.

      (I'm on SP7)

      Author's profile photo Elisa De Mattia
      Elisa De Mattia

      Hi Raquel,

      nice blog!

      In "Share with Organization/Position" I have no entries. How can I customize this?




      Author's profile photo Ander Aristondo
      Ander Aristondo

      Hi, good explanation.

      One question: once the search has been shared to a set of users or to a profile, how can we remove any of those users from the recipient list? I find an option to add more recipients but need also to remove some of them.

      Thanks in advance.


      Ander Aristondo Saracibar