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Improve performance, user adoption and guarantee correct results (SQL Relational Universes XI3/BI4)

Performance isn’t the only thing that suffers as a result of poor universe optimisation and design. So too does ease of use, user adoption and in the worse cases incorrect results are returned. 

I’ve seen so many poorly designed universes and most customers are blissfully unaware of the dramatic and negative impact they have. This was one of the reasons why I’ve developed a free web based training course so customers can fix these issues and improve performance and user adoption.

Web based course objectives

The EGI course is designed for ‘Universe Designers’ using Relational (SQL) Universes for XI3 and BI4.  On completing the Expert Guided Implementation attendees will be able to improve their existing universes by either an improved understanding of how best to design a universe or by implementing performance and optimisation features explained during the course. Attendees will be able ‘try out’ new ideas or features and validate them within their own environment

What is an EGI?

Expert guided implementation is a new delivery methodology. The methodology balances the combination of training, practical experience and expertise on demand. Focus is to enable the customer to execute complex activities with the help of SAP experts. It is important that during the delivery itself, the activity is executed as described in the delivery slot.

Expert guided implementation enables you to execute activities without being a subject matter expert. The methodology closes the gap between class room trainings and consulting.

For more information on the EGI methodology please go to Support Portal > SAP Solution Manager > Services > Expert Guided Implementation. At the very bottom of the page is also a calendar showing other EGI offerings by time-zone.

Worth attending?

Those that have previously attended this free course, rate it very highly with the average rating of 9 out of 10 for “I would recommend this EGI to others”. Some customers have seen dramatic performance improvements having followed the course, for example a 20 minute query now taking just 3 minutes! Customer quotes include:  ”Insightful course, full of great tips on how to improve your universes.”  “I have been designing universes for more than 5 years and I still learnt some great tips.

If you’ve already attended why not comment about the course and the improvements you’ve made!

When? And how to register

The web based course runs over 3 days and requires 2 hours each morning

The course is available in different regions of the world. For a full list of dates and registration links please go to

What’s the agenda?

Day 1

SAP Expert presents (2 hours morning webinar)

Checking for basic best practice

Universe size, descriptions and formats, list of values, index awareness, WHERE clauses

Execution by customer

Define object formats

Setup List of Values for best practice

Define Index Awareness on objects and in @Prompts

Move WHERE clause logic to the SELECT clause

Add comments to the table structure/Data Foundation

Day 2

SAP expert provides: (2 hours morning webinar)

Aggregations in the right place, non-additive measures

Checking for correct figures, SQL ‘Chasm’ & ‘Fan’ trap, Trust Cardinalities, Table Trees

Execution by customer (Remote support in the afternoon)

Check aggregate is occurring in the right place

Layout universe table structure as a table tree.

Correct object SQL and context definitions to ensure correct results

Day 3

SAP expert provides: (2 hours morning webinar)

Advanced SQL and other optimization tips

Loops, Outer joins, Parallel SQL, Automatic creation of derived tables (inline view), ANSI92 SQL, Shortcut joins, Tips & Tricks

Execution by customer (Remote support in the afternoon)

Resolve loops, either with contexts, aliases, derived tables or a “WHERE” clause

Resolve any outer-join issues

Enable JOIN_BY_SQL if query database supports it.

Enable BOUNDARY_WEIGHT_TABLE to automatically create derived tables for very large tables.

Enable ANSI 92 SQL to move joins into the FROM clause.

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    • Thank you for attempting to register. Sadly the registration for the course is not yet open, but it should be very soon. Please try again soon. I will also check and chase the team that manage the registration system. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this problem, hopefully we can have it fixed soon for you. Matthew

  • Thanks for the response…Actually I had missed the opportunity to register the similar event(Relational Universe Optimization & Best Practice) which is going to conduct between 21st jan 2012 to 23 rd jan 2012.  I had drop a mail to  by asking them to include me in the participant list….but i am not got the expected response.

    Please let me known once you received the required  information on registration.I don’t want to miss this event.

  • When i am registering this event ,it prompting with below error

    No Contingent left.. At this time you cannot register for EGI,Please get touch with support contact to discuss for your requirements

    If you have any idea means kindly help me on this error..

    • Hello, each Enterprise Support customer has 5 service days. You can take these service days as you please. See this link for some more details  You might have reached your 5 days allowance.

      A great tip! No matter how many people from your organization attend one EGI course it only counts as 1 of these days!

      Some more examples:

      – 5 people attend one EGI course (that is say 5 days long) and it only counts as 1 day

      – 1 person attending one EGI course (that is say 5 days long) and this also counts as 1 day.

      – 1 person attending one EGI course (that is say 2 days long) and this also counts as 1 day.

      Please contact your Enterprise Support Advisor for assistance with using your 5 service days, or registration problems like the one you’ve mentioned. They should be able to help.

      Follow for contact details.

      I understand there have been some ‘technical’ issues with the new registration system, you might be suffering from one of these nasty bugs! Hopefully we can get that sorted for you.

      Regards, Matthew

  • Hi Matthew,

    I have few queries on this training

    Is this training for free ?

    In our organization there are people from Manila, UK and USA who are universe designers. Should we need to register separately for people from different time zones ?

    If Yes, will it cost 3 out of 5 service days which we have per year ?

    If we register around 10 people for this training will it cost 1 service day or 10 ?


    Rohit Vamsi

    • Hello Rohit

      I’ve asked colleagues from the Enterprise Support Academy to reply, but before they do my understanding is that you should have everyone register separately.  This is important as each person will be assigned login details to the webinar and dial in codes.

      As per my previous comment, you can have a many people from one organization attend one EGI course and it only counts as one of the service days.

      It doesn’t matter how long the EGI course is, or how many people on it attend, it just counts as one day.

      If you though, wanted 2 people to attend the same EGI course, but one 2 different occasions, then it would count as 2 service days.

      Hope this helps

      Regards, Matthew

  • Hi Matthew,

    I would like to register for this course. When I click the button “When? And how to register” I get a dialog box stating “Windows Security, The server at SAP Service Marketplace requires a username and password?

    Do you know what username and password I should use?

    Kind regards,


    • Hello Paul, Not sure. The web site is an internal web site, not accessible outside SAP. I’ve checked the link and it looks ok to me. The link is .

      Try again?

      The course is now full. I’ve not yet got any more dates it the diary for the next one, but hope to record the EGI as a number of pre-recorded sessions allowing anyone to play back the recording ‘on demand’. I think this would mean more people can receive the content in a time of their choosing.

      All the best, Matthew

  • I’ve just finished another successful delivery of the course in the EMEA region.

    Customer and Partners rated the course 9.4 out of 10 for ‘I would recommend this course to others’. One customer quoting “Fantastic covering of unknown/little known features”.