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How to Create a Scatter Chart in Design Studio

I got this request the other day:

Were you able to configure scatter- & bulb chart in BO design studio? Is there a How to available? Thanks

So I thought I would give it a try.  Note that my data is probably not well suited for this type of chart, this is just a how to:

First I select the BEx query as a data source, and then review my selections via Edit > Initial View


I click the “Show Chart” tab.


I can select Scatter, Bubble, or any of the selections above.  This one I select Scatter.


Then I can preview it on the canvas, deploy/save in the BI launchpad, or send straight to the iPad.

I hope this answers his question.

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  • Hi Tammy! Thanks for swift action. Your screens seams different. On which version are you? We are on 10.0.0. I do understand the basics;) but would like to configure the charts a “little more”. Adjustment of Y-axis -1000, 0 + 1000 and X-axis -1000, 0, +10000 etc. I understand that all functionality is new and it’s a journey for everybody;)

      • Hi Tammy! Installed SP1 and recognize your screenshots:). My assumption is that the initial view should have only 2 keyfigures for proper display. I will continue my search and let you know. Have a nice day!

          • Hi Tammy! Confirmed! The Scatter-chart can only consume 2 keyfigures in the inital view and the Bubble-chart only 3 keyfigures. Not very flexible but I assume it’s a BUG and in this will be solved in next releases. In the current situation you have to consider how you would like to visualize your  view upfront.