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How to customize InfoView webpage and the CMC for BO XI 3.1

In the past I have had to search for where to insert custom company logo’s so that the Infoview webpage and CMC sites to reflect our company than the stock SAP logos. Here is what I gathered on how to do this!

Note: The current installation we run is using WACS server and NOT TomCat so these customization’s work for when your not using the tomcat server as I believe that is another set of instructions.

To add your companies logo to the InfoView webpage:

1. Navigate to:

C:\<install dir>\java\server\work\MTCSTWBIDEV.WebApplicationContainerServer\businessobjects\InfoViewApp\12\InfoViewApp-12.war\res\ folder

2. Locate the .gif called “Login_banner_center.gif,” this is the top right banner image on the initial page where you enter your credentials.

3. As good practice I name the original SAP gif to Login_banner_center_old.gif and rename your image to Login_banner_center.gif.

4. This is also the directory where you can copy your own companies logo to appear once you have logged in on the far left side about your menu options.

To change the html icon:

1. Navigate to:

C:\<install dir>\java\server\work\MTCSTWBIDEV.WebApplicationContainerServer\businessobjects\InfoViewApp\12\InfoViewApp-12.war\res\general folder

2. Locate the “InfoView.ico” and again using the same naming scheme, rename the stock file to “_old.ico” and your company logo to InfoView.ico.

For the Central Mgmt Console:

1. Navigate to:

C:<install dir>\java\server\work\MTCSTWBIDEV.WebApplicationContainerServer\businessobjects\CmcApp\12\CmcApp-12.war\images (all images for CMC are stored in this directory).

2. Image names are as follows:

  • Yellow Banner (incase you wish to remove): login_banner_pattern.gif
  • Log-in Banner: login_banner_SAPBOBJ_logo.gif

(After logged in)

  • SAP image to far right: banner-right.gif
  • Name with blue border (image with no blue border in image folder): CMC_banner_name.gif
  • Remaining blue border (part of the above image): app_banner_pattern.gif

To add new skins for reports:

To add a new Skin or Banner to reports for WEBI:

1. Place the image in: C:\<install dir>\Images

2. Then on the server navigate to:

C:\<install dir>\java\server\work\MTCSTWBIDEV.WebApplicationContainerServer\businessobjects\AnalyticalReporting\12\AnalyticalReporting-12.war\webiApplet\AppletConfig\AppletConfig

3. Open the defaultConfig.xml scroll down to the bottom and add the following code:

  <KEY VALUE=”cell_skin5,report_skin5,section_skin5,bloc_skin5″>

    <SKIN NAME=”Matco” TYPE=”stretch”>




*Make sure you change the file name to the name of your image!*

4. then copy the defaultConfig.xml file and paste it in

C:\<install dir>\java\server\work\MTCSTWBIDEV.WebApplicationContainerServer\businessobjects\AnalyticalReporting\12\AnalyticalReporting-12.war\webiApplet\AppletConfig\AppletConfig\AppletConfig

Hopefully this help those who have WACS installed and would like to know how to customize login pages to their companies look!

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      Tammy Powlas

      Tiffany - nice document

      I moved it from the BI space to BI platform, as that is where it really belongs.  I also encourage you to add tags to your document, so others can locate this.


      Tammy (moderator)

      Author's profile photo Tiffany Holbrook
      Tiffany Holbrook
      Blog Post Author


      Thank you! I am still fairly new to BI and also BI Spaces so apologies for it being located in the wrong platform. I will definitely add more tags since I feel this would definitely benefit those without the stock setup.