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Spotlight – Mariana Mihaylova

I am happy to introduce Mariana Mihaylova as our newest spotlight! Mariana is a space editor for multiple spaces. The space editor (SE) role encompasses the moderator role and is also responsible for the space overview page. Mariana was nominated by multiple people for our spotlight feature. She exemplifies connecting her topic’s audience with the best content!


Please share a bit about yourself: I am a Bulgarian living in Sweden with my university-crush, now husband and our lovely daughter Mariana Jr (4). Some of my hobbies are astronomy, music and languages. The tech degree in automation and system control got me into some very interesting topics like different industries, process management and optimization. After graduation my work in several international organizations on the business side made me realize how critical business process management (BPM) is for practically every industry and how every business needs a structured BPM approach to move forward and stay competitive. BPM software is now a standard and a must. Any process that can be automated needs to be automated so that people’s potential is unleashed and their time is dedicated to the really creative, critical and differentiating tasks.

How many years have you been working in SAP and when did you join the SCN? I am part of the Technology solutions team. Back in 2007 I joined SAP in the early days of the SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management software. BPM use cases, the BPX community – young, excited and eager for content, new contributors, passionate conversations. Fabulous times I will never forget! I joined SCN (SDN back then) in my first week at SAP. And I am a big fan ever since. Plus trying to fire up everyone I talk to 🙂 . Anyone imagined SAP without SCN?

It’s amazing to be part of this ever evolving community and share with so many people who build its magical spirit. It’s fascinating to see one proof every day – knowledge is more worth it when shared. Helping others makes our lives so rich no matter how we choose to help.

*Gali: I agree entirely!

When did you join the moderator/SE community? There is no “official” join date. Since 2007 I’ve been supporting BPM & Composition, BRM and SOA areas, as well as the BPX community. With the innovative move towards common Process Orchestration platform (SAP NetWeaver BPM, BRM and PI together) and the introduction of new spaces like B2B integration, I also started supporting the communities around these trendy topics.

You are a space editor for which spaces? Some of the most amazing ones 🙂 ! It’s so easy and fun with so many passionate and helpful contributors in Process Orchestration, Process Integration with 97k pieces of content – one of the oldest, biggest and most active ever! Business Process Management and its three subspaces, Business Rules Management, B2B Integration. It was really nice to support SAP Sybase colleagues with streamlining the Event Processing space. We are also building two developer centers SAP Sybase ESP and SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and a new space for SAP Operational Process Intelligence so 2013 looks even more exciting than 2012!

What we found really useful is streaming all blogs from our SCN spaces into the official SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration group  on LinkedIn. This extends the reach of all contributors in our areas and helps people find out about news and hot topics.

What does the SE role mean to you and what does it entail (for example frequency of your involvement)? SCN eats a big portion of my work day but the feeling is good. Tons of work after launch and it’s not getting any less 🙂 . I am passionate about our communities and love to highlight great content. Because highlight space is never enough we started a monthly newsletter to highlight all contributors and show our appreciation for sharing their knowledge, helping the community and also helping everyone use our products to their full extent. All top and continuous contributors are visible in the community and regarded as topic leaders, but this newsletter is also to thank all new contributors and inspire them for more.

*Note from Gali: The newsletter is awesome, as Mariana says ‘a log of the pulse of her communities’. It was her own initiative and is used to help encourage her topic’s community. To see how it began check out the first blog.

What motivates you? My team driving together and the community members with their presence and knowledge. It may sound like a cliché but I honestly believe in team spirit and that it can create wonders. I have been there and I have seen that. To me there is no doubt that SAP’s process orchestration technologies are invaluable for every industry as they are instrumental for extending our customers’ SAP investments beyond their SAP domain and build real business networks with partners who are not necessarily using SAP. What proves the concept and makes this software even greater is the community of Developers, Consultants and SIs who use it, stand behind it and drive future developments together with SAP in making SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and Integration one of the best integration platforms today. One of the largest SAP user groups is the International Focus Group for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and their work and support is beyond amazing. There is nothing more motivating and inspiring than collaboration like that.

How do you get to know newbies? Usually when doing some moderation work and reading blogs. It’s exciting to read from a first-time blogger and even more when they make a really strong start.

If you could offer one bit of advice to new members or new moderators what would it be and why?

Read the rules of engagement! 😉 Well seriously, on top of that, try following the top contributors in your community, see how you could best join the conversation and share valuable input. And (sorry could not keep it down to one) do not forget to rate, like and share everything you find useful.

How has the SCN community helped you? It’s hard to list the very many ways. To name a few, the community is invaluable when we at solution management are rolling out new solutions and any time we do pulse check with our communities.

Is there a moderating/ community story you would like to share? When we were about to launch the Process Orchestration idea session on SAP Idea Place we reached out to our communities to understand how valuable this will be going forward. Community members and particularly Shabarish Vijayakumar played key role in proving the necessity. Happily we did launch with a very high interest. Now with the new SAP Idea Place platform we look forward to streamline our requirements collection processes.

Do you have a twitter handle? You may want to try @sapnetweaver and also @marimihaylova

Is there another moderator or community member that you’ve found incredibly helpful? *Gali: this was Mariana’s very favorite question and led to a smile with sparks 😆 as Mariana would say! 

This is worth a separate blog, but let me brief you about the peaks. In my early SCN days I was incredibly lucky to soak up in the knowledge and passion of Marilyn Pratt and Audrey Stevenson – so contagious even from thousands of miles away. Probably they do not remember our regular calls, but oh I do! 🙂 Birgit Heilig who is a big supporter and always around. Also in the last couple of years I’ve been extremely happy to be working with Jason Lax who has been answering all kinds of questions (sorry Jason for the weird ones) with so much patience and dedication and doing the impossible to get things going for us. He is simply doing wonders in SCN like this is the easiest thing on earth. Also the expertise of Jocelyn Dart and William Li who have been helping with so much passion and dedication and most of all – always on top of difficult questions and topics. Also the famous Michal Krawczyk and inspiring Grzegorz Glowacki need no introduction. Want to know more? Check out this doc The Moderators – meet the PRO|PI|BPM|BRM|B2B|Workflow Folks.** There are so many other incredible people who challenge the standards all the time and make SCN the living community it is today.

** Note from Gali: Another great way Mariana helps bridge the gap between the space team and the community they help foster!

How are you finding the new SCN? Luckily I was involved from the first days of the new platform and had more time to get used to it before launch. I witnessed the teething problems, but could then help others get along. Things now are a way easier for space editors’ and moderators’. There is still fine-tuning work to be done, but the new SCN gives so much more on all levels.

What would community members be surprised to learn about you? For 10+ years I was taking piano lessons and I quit in high school. Probably I shouldn’t. In my school years learned English, Spanish, Russian and some Portuguese on top of my native Bulgarian. I have basic knowledge of other European languages as well. Now I’m struggling with Swedish but it’s only a matter of time. Give me time and watch melearn languages 😉 . I am also keen on different types of arts. Other than that I am completely ordinary person – trying to keep myself and everyone around me happy and to everyone else I wish tons of happiness. *Gali – I think Mariana is extra-ordinary!!

Both Mariana and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2013 be healthy, peaceful and prosperous for all!

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