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New Start Application for HCM Process and Forms

SAP has come up with a new Start application for HCM Process and Forms(ASR_PROCESS_START_OVP) in EHP 6 HR Renewal 1.0 SP5(our current version). This application is a very simple application with no step based approach i.e. No more selecting Employee and Process as separate steps(GAF framework is now replaced with OVP framework). This application uses the “Search GUIBB” to search Objects(Employees / Positions / Org Units / Jobs) based on various selection criteria(based on the selected Start Object type/Category). Upon listing the objects, we can trigger forms related to the selected object.

You can select the “Start Object” type using the Category dropdown –


Let’s say we select the “Employee” Category, we can search employees based on various selection criteria –


The results are displayed using the LIST GUIBB –


I somehow love the FPM Quickview functionality. This application has Quickviews defined for Personnel Number, Organizational Unit and Position.


You can view the listed employee in a cool “Hierarchical View” which displays the Org Hierarchy of the selected entry-


The columns in this “Hierarchical View” table are controlled using the OADP Column Group definition (which leaves us the scope of hiding or adding more columns as per the custom requirement). Thanks to our Developer(Padma) in exploring this magical linkage.


The processes can be initiated using the menu option on the listed employee –


On selecting one of the processes, the appropriate form is displayed in a separate pop-up.

These processes were defined under this menu, using the launch pad configuration –


So far this application looks absolutely fine from Administrator perspective. But I find few flaws (from my opinion) in this application –

  1. Lack of integration with the Org Chart functionality. It would have been “Super cool” if the Org Chart functionality is provided using the “Show Chart” option on the listed results.
  2. This application could have been more “Manager” friendly. The current functionality is “Over-Simple” that makes it purely usable only by Administrators. Being a manager of only two employees, I don’t want to use the “Search” functionality to initiate process for my reporting employees. Ideally,  I would expect this application to wear a different mask i.e. Manager mode of application where in when a Manager opens this application in this mode, it should somehow magically list his reporting employees or he should be able to visualize his reporting Org Structure using the super cool NAKISA Org Chart functionality and trigger the processes from the Org Chart itself.

But overall I loved the idea of getting rid of “Step-based” approach and simplifying the process initiation in one single screen(Search and initiate the process in the same screen).

What are you thoughts ? Please provide your feedback.

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    • Hi Suresh,

      Thanks for your feedback. Well, there is an option to trigger the “Start Application” with the “Initiate Employee Processes”. On opening the Team View from the MSS Homepage, you can navigate to the reporting employees view by selecting the Display as “Employees”. On selecting the employee, we get an option called “Initiate Employee Processes” which in turn launches the “asr_process_execute_fpm” which is again a GAF based application where in Manager selects the Process and fills the forms(For some reason, the FPM Forms are not working in this application). Again, this whole process sounds to be too many steps before getting to the form(not simple either).

      I was expecting this Start application to be more “Manager” friendly by reducing the navigation between too many screens using powerful Org Chart.



        • Hi Suresh,

          Agreed that you can go ahead adding a folder and bring down all the processes under this folder. But still this is a Team View application(This whole thing becomes customizing). Not a HCM Processes and forms Start application for Manager. There could be customers where they may use a different MSS homepage application or no homepage framework at all(may use the portal roles).



          • Hi Raja,

            Thanks for the content on portal configuration. We have developed about 18 forms and few of them are MSS related Forms. Portal consultant developed assigned MSS related forms to EMPLOYEE menu under MSS instance.

                 Target App. Parameters :


            Configuration as ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE_OVP_CFG .. Form is loaded with no data.. configured HR_ASR_SEARCH also.. employee search results has come.. but only standard 4 (Birth or Termination) processes are shown up. but not the Custom Process.. could you please help us??

            Thanks in Advance.



          • Hi Raja,

            Thanks for posting many informative blogs. There are pretty useful.

            Regarding not being able to launch the processes from Manager team view – I agree with Suresh. It is possible as Suresh has rightly indicated.

            Refer here :

            Between I had a request – since you written blogs on landing page , do you have plans of covering more on this area in your upcoming blogs.


            1. How to modify or add new lanes.

            2. How ODATA services are relevant to landing page

            3. How to embed new applications based WDA as well as SAPUI5 into the lanes.

            Once again – thanks for your blogs. Keep them coming.

            With regards,


          • Thanks for the feedback Sahir.

            I agree that the forms can be launched from Manager Team View. But my point#2 in the conclusion is little different. I was wishing this Start Application to render the reporting employees in a Org Chart and have the forms initiated straight away.

            Yes, I do have many plans(blog ideas) in mind, but I am not at all getting time to write any of my ideas. I would definitely try to cover the above mentioned topics.


            Raja Sekhar

      • Hi Raja

        I would like to check if the FPM GAF application is capable of launching FPM type forms, as we have a requirement. We are currently on EhP6 HR renewal, but would like to continue with road map as per the earlier GAF layout. Can you please let me know, as I checked and it gives error from the FPM GAF application ( process_execute_fpm).



        • Saujanya,

          Not sure if this feasible with the existing standard GAF Forms start application. We can definitely achieve this requirement by considerable amount of “Development” effort to get the same look and feel as in old application.


          Raja Sekhar

  • Hi RAJA,

    It is very nice blog.

    Since last few days I am brain storming to where to change the list of process in start application when HR admin launches. After reading your blog now I understand that now I have to change the HRASR role but I don’t want to change the sap delivered role, So I copied the HRASR role To Z<XXXX> role and made the necessary changes.

    Please let me know where I can point my Z<XXXX> role instead of HRASR role.

    Once again all your blogs related HR Renewal are excellent.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Bhargava Kumar.

  • Hi Raja,

    have you found a way to make the Start Application for FPM Form more manager friendly? I am using the standard delivered HR Administrator Role. However in the portal I can only see processes that use ADOBE forms and not the ones with FPM forms. Honestly I’m able to see the FPM Form link but not able to action it.

    In order to action FPM form I’ve made the following change to my iview parameters in the portal config.

    • Application name = ASR_PROCESS_START_OVP
    • Configuration name = ASR_PROCESS_START_OVP_CFG.

    by the way the New Start Application looks a bit HR Admin centric and not Manager friendly. Is it possible in somehow to open the list of his reporting employees?

    Note: Search engine looks powerfull but not Manager friendly.


  • Hi Raja,

    This is detailed and informative information related to application. Thank you for sharing this. Here are few more points related to the application.

    1. Use process groups to group multiple processes and display them as sub items similar to team viewer folder structure.

    2. Hiding / displaying columns can be performed through component configurations / feeder class used for them.