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Hi All

There are many Open discussion regarding Batch Job for Billing which inspired me to create this document for  associates who wants to understand how Batch job works in SAP ?How can we schedule Invoice in background to automate the Billing Process.

There are the steps to Keep in Mind when want to automate the billing.

  1. Create Billing Variant (VF04)
  2. Create Job-Sm36 using Job Wizard
  3. Recipient address for Spool list recipient.
  4. Specify Start Condition


The job steps but no start conditions have been defined.


The job definition is complete and the job is waiting for the start conditions to be fulfilled.


The job is in its start phase, which normally takes only a fraction of a second.

This status is of no interest for the end user. However, it is useful for error analysis by SAP support.


The job is being executed.


The job is finished without errors.


The job execution was terminated due to an error.

5. Automated Job execution as defined in Start Condition

6. Check for Periodic or restriction for this job.

6. Report for Number of documents created and Error log.

1.       1.  Create Variant for Invoice:- 

Here you define the most suitable conditions or Pr-requisite to Generate the Invoice .it can be on Billing Type/Sales Org Level /Dis. Channel or the combination of all.



Test 01 Variant Created .


2. Create Job:-

Job Wizard Tab- Create.


Click On Continue


Define if using ABAP program or External Program


To know the Program Name:-



ABAP- Program Step- Write the program name


Specify the Names, you want to send spool


Create Job Start Condition


Define if you want to run this Job Periodically or you have any restriction like (Sunday, Sat )etc.


Click on Continue


Status and my Own Jobs Can be checked in “MY OWN JOBS”


Here you can see how many jobs are active from individual user along with its status.

If you require to see the error log and Report for number of documents created after Job Run it can be traced via T-Code V.21

  1. V.21 :- Log for Collective Run.


Execute .it will show the screen along with number of documents successfully created along with error.


Select the Group and click on Documents. It will show you number of Invoices created.


Now Select the Notes or Shift+8. It will show you invoices with Error log.


You can also see the individual invoices and failing reasons so go ahead and do the required changes to get the invoicing done.

This is end of job scheduling in background .Please leave your valuable feedback.

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      1. Former Member

        Hi Geetha

        When processed in background (through batch jobs in this case), the invoice document is created but gets blocked for further processing (release to accounting) because of several issues, for example error in account determination, OR some other errors in master data (like partners in the above screenshot).

        In such a scenario, the user needs to go individually to that particular document, correct the error and then process the document manually.

        Hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you still have doubts.




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