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Table Control Settings for Hiding or Changing Column Positions.

Sometimes it’s a user requirement to personalize the settings like hide, change the sequence and width of columns in some transaction or creation of their own variants. The same we can do it via Table Control Settings which is the standard functionality in SAP, shows like a multicolored icon and appears at the upper right most corner of the transaction. Mostly users want to hide Cost Price in Invoice overview (VF01) and Net Price in Sale Order (VA01) so for that this is the best option.


  • Making the columns invisible.
  • Changing the position/width of any column.
  • Adjusting the fixed number of columns.

Users with authorization object ‘S_ADMI_FCD‘ and ‘TCTR‘ activity are only authorized to create the layout for Table Control as a standard setting which will be considered as global settings for all users. For the configuration please pursue with the following steps:

1.  After opening the desired transaction, click the Table Control icon untitled.JPG you will get the dialog box for Table Settings, under Maintain Variants give some variant name and click on Administrator.


2.  Here suppose my requirement is to hide the ‘Net Price’ Field in VA01 so i’ll simply check the invisible box for that specific field. This screen displays the technical field name along with its position and length.


3.  Click on ‘Activate and you are done. If you choose close without activation, settings remain unchanged. After this, layout will be set as default one every time the users hits that particular transaction with newly defined settings.


You can also try other attributes as mentioned above under advantages for Table Control configuration and the same includes:

  • Make invisible extra columns.
  • Hide or display the gridlines.
  • Configuring the number of fixed columns.



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    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for the comments, I’ve done the same for Sale Order. Actually the thought was to start from a basic document that’s why shared on SCN.

      • Hi Ammarah.

        What should I do to move the new layout to production (as Administrator button is not available in production) and I need to display some new columns in production. Please reply, urgent!!!




  • Hello,

    Thanks for this nice post.

    However, I wasn’t able to hide any column, should I do something specific ?

    Currently, I have created a role with the authorization object S_ADMI_FCD with all fields (even TCTR).

    I have no idear why it doesn’t work.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi

      This object is used to remove authorization of users to modify the table control variant. The settings will be done in table control variant and Ammarah has explained it very well. It should work,

      • Thanks for your reply, in fact it works without variant name :

        • Administration -> Hide columne -> Activate -> close -> save

        but I found out something,  in some cases, some tables are not customizable. But I didn’t find out why it’s happen like this.

        In my case the table in PR05->Create Trip->Cost allocation table doesn’t work properly. If someone can tell me why ?`! 🙂

        Kind Regards,


        • Hello Josep,

          In some overview screes hiding of fields cant be controlled by Table Control Administration functionality. Here, you can go for some cuztomization via screen variants. Thanks.

  • Thanks Ammarah for this useful info. , i used this table control settings with my client and he was so pleased as i summarized the columns he would search to enter the data quickly

    • It feels great to know that the document which i was reluctant to share on SCN by thinking that it’s quiet common is appreciable by many of you people. Don’t have enough words to express the gratitude for the same. Rgds.

      • Dear Ammarah

        Sometimes we feel that our knowledge is very little to share but this is not the fact always. I have observed that usually small tricks and techniques are left (unknowingly overlooked) by very senior consultants also. Secondly not all of us have gone to all the areas of SAP even in our own modules so there are very good chances of ignorance for many of the functionalities available in standard SAP.

        So, I request you to keep sharing good contents like this. I liked it.


        Rajneesh Saxena

        ‘ MoazzaM ‘ Dear sorry, till now I could not read your doc but for sure I am going to read it.

  • Hi ammarah,

    Its nice Document and have Followed the same Procedure but not Able to make Effective for all the Users.

    i had created a Variant but the same variant not Effected with all users Except my User.

    Plz guide me



    • Have you activated and generated the same? Please be noted that system wide settings should appear in the ‘Basic Settings’ option for all the users only then it will effect the overview screen of every user every time the desired transaction will run. Do lemme know if you need any further help in this. Thanks.

      • Hi Ammarah,

        Thank you for the reply

        my requirement is to Drag and drop few columns to various positions so that Users can View the Columns directly when opening the Order,

        Does the Variant generated Apply for the Drag and Drop procedure.



      • Hello Ammarah

        i just want to add two columns at item detail tab in service PR (start time and End time), however i am not able to change it to visible, i have all the authorizations you have mentioned,

        Can you help me please…


  • Hi Ammarah,

    I have a bit different requirement.

    I have created a customized variant as I have administrator rights,which is working perfectly as per requirement.

    As of now all endusers have basic settings ,among them only 3 needs this newly created variant but this is variant is not visible to add into their standard settings, how  do I that ? As endusers have no administrator rights.

    What could be solution in this scenario ?



  • Sometimes it surprises me, why there is a box at right corner .

    This one opened my vision in this area…Keep sharing..Thank you

  • Does anybody how to apply this variant to a specific group of users. I have generated that variant but I don’t see how to apply it trought SHD0 ?