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SAP Sybase PowerDesigner Roadmap.

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  • Hi Mirko

    Thanks for the pointers at the roadmap and sneak peek material. In the sneak peek webcast, they talk about enhancements to the reporting capabilities. Is there any more detailed information available? The work I am starting now will require a lots of custom reporting and I am very interested in anything upcoming that might make that easier. On a related track – is there any publically available tutorials or tips and tricks for development of custom reporting? Thanks. Bruce

    • Hi Bruce,

      New Report Features v16.5

      The PowerDesigner Report Editor has been completely rearchitected to provide a more powerful graphical environment in which to design your model and multi-model


      • The synchronized Design and Outline views allow you to work on the detailed content and formatting of report elements in the context of the overall structure.
      • Extensions are handled seamlessly in the Toolbox and other views.
      • Report item, content and format editing are simplified and easily accessible through the Design view command bar, and changes are
        instantly visible.
      • Titles and free text paragraphs are editable directly in the Design view.
      • HTML generation is rebuilt to provide a modern, easily-configurable output.




  • Hi

    I am a bit confused : PowerDesigner seems to be 1 year and a half late… The curret 16. version is far from keeping-up with HANA innovations, while needs for architecturing HANA applications is growing ever faster.

    Do we have any insight on what SAP is doing with PD ?

    ( I was surprised to see that there wasn’t even an ideas place for PowerDesigner. Does SAP want to stop investments in the product ?)

  • Somebody told me about an end of support on the 16.5 Powerdesigner. I was a little surprised by this information but any way I post my message. Can anyone confirm me that no end of support is planned for  Powerdesigner 16.6 ?