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How to Add – and Track – Attachments to Leave Requests

With the release of HR Renewal FP2, you can now access enhancements to the employee self-service leave request functionality. One valuable new feature is the ability to upload attachments as part of the leave request, which comes in particularly handy for sick leaves.

If your company is like many others, it requires that employees use the leave request not only for vacations, but also for sick leave. You may also make it mandatory for employees to provide a doctor’s note in these cases. In the past, you could automate the leave request and approval but had to separately and manually process the required documentation.

We’ve listened to you, our customer, and have made it possible to directly upload documents such as doctor’s notes and attach them to a leave request. Because these attachments are available in the leave request approval, the approving manager can see that appropriate documentation was submitted. In fact, HR and managers alike can better track, archive, and retrieve this documentation. Plus, by automating this formerly manual process, you reduce paperwork and boost productivity.

Here’s how it works.

Your employees can now attach an e-certificate when creating a leave request through the new ESS user interface.

Leave Request Attachments 1.jpg

The approver can view the attachment when reviewing the leave request.

Leave Request Attachments 2.jpg

And the HR administrator – or any authorized user – can then track the attachment in the PA30 section of the user interface.

The Leave Request enhancement makes use of the ArchiveLink functionality. ArchiveLink is a component of SAP software that makes it possible to link external storage systems such as optical archives and document management systems to SAP business applications such as SAP ERP.

As a key user, you have a range of flexibility in configuring the attachment functionality. First you can configure attachment enablement based on the leave type. Then you can choose which format can be supported as an attachment.

Leave Request Attachments 3.jpg

You can also determine which content repository the document type is linked to, and find the infotype for the attachment document type. In this case, you link the document type for the Leave Request attachments to the infotype Absences. This infotype holds all information related to employee absences and by making this link, you enable the attachments to be accessed via the absence record.

Leave Request Attachments 4.jpg

Using an integrated Business Add-in (BADi), you can customize SAP ERP without modifying the standard code. You can take advantage of three BADis for Leave Request attachments to further adapt the functionality. 

1. CHECK_ATTACHMENT_MANDATORY allows to make the inclusion of attachments mandatory for specific leave types, e.g. for sick leave or for leave exceeding a certain time period.

2. GET_ATTACHMENT_CONFIG allows to specify attributes of the attachments, e.g. to indicate a maximum file size for the attachment.

3. CONVERT_FILE_FORMAT allows to restrict the file types which can be used as attachments and, if necessary, convert a file to the allowed format.

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