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Easy way of selecting Infocube/DSO/Multiprovider and Infoset Info Objects for data display


Easiest way of selecting Infocube/DSO/Multiprovider and InfoSet InfoObjects to display data

Step 1

Go to table RSDCUBEIOBJ and give relevant data target name for which you want display the data


Step 2

And Execute

Step 3

Select the infoobjects for which you want see the data and paste in notepad and save the file as like list.txt

Step 4

Now select data target (for which you want display the data), if particular data target contain more than 72 infoobjects it will display information message as like below


Just ignore it and continue.

Step 5

Instead of searching and selecting infoobjects, now directly click on “Read from file” which is available at top right corner.


Step 6

It will display the window to select file (select the file which we saved at Step 3 level) once file selected automatically infoobjects selected (checked), which are listed in selected file.

Step 6


Step 7


The other one works exactly reverse

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  1. Henry Banks


    You are posting in the wrong area. since about 2008, BI means Business Objects ‘business intelligence’ . SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse has reverted to “BW”

    i’ll move this thread.




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