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A short distance laps those on the couch

Going to admit right now I have some serious writers block going on.  The only way to resolve this is write something besides what I’m supposed to be writing to help me get the brain warm again.  I think I’m starting to hit the proverbial wall that is talked about in running except this time it applies to my writing habits.  The issue is I’m trying to figure a way to leap past again and sometimes even taking breaks do not work.  So thus I end up here with writing my random thoughts for the world.

I always liked the quote that a short distance ran or workout laps those sitting on the couch at home.  I think sometimes when we know our workouts or runs are just not where we want to them be, it is still better than doing nothing.  I have found during my training last year for the half marathon that some of my runs just plain stunk by my slow standards.  Trust me if they are terrible by my slow standards they are bad.  Yeah I will admit that I run slow and the pace that I consider fast for myself is slow for most serious runners.  However I continue moving forward because I feel healthier and I am gradually gaining speed.

I must that contributing to community can feel like scheduled workouts or runs.  I mean there are times where you just don’t have anything to provide or just don’t know how to push forward.  However those few times when you provide even the smallest of contribution, it can help nudge somebody forward beyond their problem.  That’s the great part of it is that only one small contribution is all it takes at times.  I wish I currently had more time for several small contributions, but my schedule has pushed me to be looking from the outside rather than the inside. 

Now y’all are wondering how in the world does this relate to anything in the world of SAP.  I’m not really sure beyond the fact all my contributions on SCN started out as a series of small helpful contributions that gradually multiplied in volume.  Not all of those were home runs, or even useful.  The point is that I got up from the “couch” and participated.  Maybe that’s why transition to running has been easier than expected.  The thrill comes from the participation and the dread comes from realizing that my next run will be 6 miles fast, even though I don’t feel 100%.  Yep sometimes contributing and writing is just that way.  I guess the old saying “Just Do It” was right. 

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