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WebI – New Features B0 4.0

SAP BI Launch Pad  4.0 – WebI – New Features


Tab :

A new tab menu is now used to access the different tools. What’s great about it is that the selections available in the tab in any given time match the element’s type selected in the report.


Change Source:

We can change universe of existing report through report level (not through query panel)

Tab: Data

Sub Tab : Tools

Feature: Change Source


Stable COLOR formatting after save WEBI report in Excel:

The WEBI to Excel save as, the same color is reflected in Excel.


Dimension column HIDE: We can hide only Dimension column under:

Tab: Report Elements

Sub Tab: Behaviors

Feature: Hide

We can also Hide entire Block with “Hide always” feature,

Hide when Empty,

conditional Hide with “Hide when following formula is true” featuer, for e.g. [Revenue] < 5000, but

it will applicable to entire Block.


Fold or Unflod report elements:

Tab: Analysis

Sub Tab: Interact

Feature: Outline


Copy & paste :

It is now possible to copy and paste a table or a chart in another report. It sounds simple, but what’s revolutionary is that all that is at the base of the copied element is part of the copy. Therefore, all of the data providers and all of the variables necessary for the proper functioning of the element will be copied at the same time. It’s now possible to use certain parts of the reports to build new ones. This saves a considerate amount of time.


Properties :

Several improvements have been made concerning the elements’ properties. It is now much easier to modify the appearance and the behavior of a section, a table, a chart and even a cell.


Linking :

This feature allows you to filter the content of an element (a table or chart) related to a selection performed in another element (also a table or a chart). Simply select the element and using the contextual menu of your mouse, select the option  « Linking / Add an element link». You can then specify whether one or all of the table’s dimensions will be used as selectors.



At WEBI report level we get the common information:

Tab: Report Elements

Sub Tab: Cell

Feature:  Pre-Defined:

For e.g. “Query Summary”: We get below information in “Query Summary” Feature:

Query / DP name, universe name, Last Refreshed Date, last execution time, number of rows in query,

what columns have been used in query, Filter used in Query panel. If you have multiple DP, it will

show all DP’s details.

(These features are also available in R3)

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