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Pulping the Detective Tales for 2012

I’ve gotten a fan base writing “detective fiction” with SAP technology embedded, or perhaps the other way round.  After getting the idea of portraying some of my daily challenges in the guise of a film noir tough guy, it’s turned out to be a handy dandy approach to making what could be dry material readable for some.  Maybe I get too wrapped up in the mystery, but that’s what the comment boxes are for. 

With the current SCN platform, I can post in my own space, which is where this one is, or other spaces.  I’ve sprinkled these stories around in different places just to keep the ideas and input fresh.  Here’s the summary for 2012.  Too bad none of these made Blag‘s top blog picks for 2012.  Maybe 2013…

The next two chapters logically belong in the ERP upgrade; part 2 is in the works, while part 3 remains to be drafted.

Stay tuned.

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  • Jim!

    You know your blogs are my personal favorites! However…and in my defense 🙁 New SCN makes it hard for me to spot all blogs…with so many categories and sub-categories…at some point, your brain start to hurt…also…in my list I tried to be as unbiased as possible…so I don’t search for blogs written by an specific user…

    Anyway…I’m already planning on how to make it better this year…I’m sure I have missed lots of awesome blogs and that brings me to shame…that why this year I’m going to put a even bigger effor 😉