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Navigation from one component view to other componet view without adding Used Components

This blog explains how to navigate from one component view to other component view without adding Used Components.

Scenario: Source component contains View with LinkToAction UI element, on click of this Link navigates to Destination component View without adding Used Component in the Source Component.This is can be achieved using Dynamic Navigation by following interface: IF_WD_NAVIGATION_SERVICES and method: do_dynamic_navigation.

Prerequisites: Should have basic knowledge on Web Dynpro ABAP

Create Two Web Dynpro Component by following

Destination Component :

Create Web Dynpro with View and Window. 

Insert Caption UI Element in the View.


Embed the View into Window.Activate whole component.


Source Component :

Create Web Dynpro with View and Window. See below there is no Used Component,


Insert LinkToAction UI Element in the View and Create Action write the below code assign this action to LinkToAction UI Element.



  data : lv_view_api type ref to if_wd_view_controller,
         lv_nav_serv type  ref to if_wd_navigation_services.

  lv_view_api = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
  lv_nav_serv  ?= lv_view_api.

     source_window_name        = ‘W_COMP2’
     source_vusage_name        = ‘V_COMP2_USAGE_1’
     source_plug_name          = ‘DEFAULT’
     target_component_name     = ‘ZTEST_COMP1’
     target_component_usage    = ‘ZTEST_COMP1’
     target_view_name          = ‘W_COMP1’
     target_plug_name          = ‘DEFAULT’


Embed this View into Window. Activate whole component.


Create the Webdynpro Application by following


Demo : Select the above application Right click and Test. When you clicks on below link it navigates to Destination Components View.



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      Author's profile photo saravanakumar mac
      saravanakumar mac

      Code for dynamic navigation one component to another component in sap Webdynpro ABAP.

      DATA : lv_view_api TYPE REF TO if_wd_view_controller,

                  lv_nav_serv TYPE  REF TO if_wd_navigation_services.

                  lv_view_api = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).

                  Iv_nav_serv  ?= lv_view_api.


                 source_window_name        = 'ZCRM_WD_INV_MAIN'     " Ur window name in COMP A

                 source_vusage_name        = 'V_SCREENING_USAGE_1'    " which view has mappedwith ur window u can see there view usage name in property.

                 source_plug_name          = 'TO_ONLINE'                               " Outbound plug name in view

      **     PLUG_PARAMETERS           = PLUG_PARAMETERS

                target_component_name     = 'ZCRM_INV_LIC_REG'             " navigating to which component COMP B

                target_component_usage    = 'ZCRM_INV_LIC_REG'             " navigating to which component COMP B

                target_view_name          = 'ZCRM_WD_INV_REG'                  " Here window name

                target_plug_name          = 'FROM_FAST_TRACK'                   " That window inbound plug name