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CMC\Events in Business Objects and It’s Usage

Hi Every One,

This is my first blog in SAP, Here I am going to tell about the Events and it’s usage in the SAP Business objects. I would like to say events are one of the most useful BO Flags to keep check on the scheduling’s.

Basically events are three types. 

  1. Custom Event
  2. File  event
  3. Scheduled event.    

First we will see what exactly each one is:


Events are like Flags or Check points which can give some information about the events or actions happened on the server.


Custom Event: This can also be called as Manual event. This one has two properties one its name other is its description.


File base Event: We can use this event based on some file placed in any path like say if file is placed in one of the path in the server, based on this action, you can run reports by scheduling. In brief you can say placing some text or any file in a path. Once this action is completed you can run reports.

In Business Perspective, let say all the required tables for reporting got loaded monthly/weekly/daily. Once this load happens place a textfile in a path.

so once the file is placed this event gets triggered.


Scheduling Event: This event is used to run reports or any BI objects sequentially one after the other.This event definition has three actions in it. Those are Success, Failure and Success or Failure.

It makes sense the status of any running objects could be either success, failure.


Now pictorially will see the events creation and their usage.

Creating Events:  Login to the CMC. In the Define section, you can see the Events .


Click on the Events Icon.the followed screen appears in the window.


Once you click the New Event The Following screen appears.


Here you can make selection on which type of event you are going to create.

Custom Event:


File Event:


Scheduled Event:


Once after creation of the Events.We need to assign the security to the users to use these events.

Do a right click on the event and select the properties and then select the User security as shown on the Add Principles button to add Users and User Groups to access these events.


Once after done with the security.We can use these events to run BI Objects like Reports,Publications etc.

let say you are scheduling a webi report/publication.Do a right click on the report and Select shedule.The followed screeb will appears.


Click on the Events in Navigation pane to view all the events.Now select the event to “Events to wait for” pane.let say you selected custom event to this pane.

And now try to shedule the report with “Run Now” Option.Then you will see the instance status as Pending.It is waiting for the event to get triggered.Then

goto the CMC\Events ,Do a right click on the event and select the “Trigger Event” .

Then come back and check the Instance status.the status will be  changed to  “Running”.

In the above screen you can see “Avalable shcedule Events” and ” Events to Trigger on Completion”  here you can select any sheduled event to trigger on. In the same way you can use this triggered event  as  kickoff event for another shedule or Shedules.In this way We control/achieve Sequential shedules aswellas  Parllel Shedules.

I welcome the feedback,comments and Complements.



Business Objects Consultant.

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      • Hello Siva,

        I have a scenario where I need to create a file at a particular location between 9:00 Am and 12:00 AM. The file should not be created other than mentioned times?

        I tried to schedule to run the report creation but how can I make it run at particular times only ? Its a WEBI Report exported to excel file at file share drive.

        • hi Archana,

          Event file creation has to be done externally which is no where related to report scheduling. In general event based scheduling is used for reports that are precanned in nature and the data for the report has been refreshed based on the ETL load. You need to control the event file creation once the ETL load is completed.



          • Hi Manikandan,

            I have a question : After creating the Event file (once the ETL load is completed) and generating the report, does BO delete the Event file by itself or do we have to delete "manually" the Event file ?



          • Hi Renaud,

            Bo does not delete the Event file itself.

            You will have to write a Program to delete it as BO wont consider the same file as a "Trigger" next time.



  • I enjoyed reading this blog. Users gets what Siva is explaining. Thanks for educating the community. I would appreciate you do few more blogs on CMC Topics. I recomment users to read this blog to learn about EVENTS in CMC. Thanks a bunch

  • Would it be possible to create an event to say that if a job was terminated (so if BOBJ didn't update due to some issue), that a scheduled report should not be submitted?

    • Marius,

      creating an event based on schedule failure, is not possible. its unclear what your requirement might be, i reckon, if you are looking for notification,it can be done by email setting.."On Failure", or may be you can trigger other events..."On Failure"..So on..

  • Hi ,

    Great article..!!


    We have an event based schedule(File Base event) in SAP BO XI 3.1.It is based on two events(i.e Based on Text file which it will be created in server).Once two events are updated in server,The event will be triggered in BO.

    But issue is,Once first text file is updated in server,automatically the event is triggered without the second file update in server. Because of this schedule got failed.

    Can any one tell,how to trace out the event based schedules.Is there any log files or anything we can enable to trace out this issue.??? icon_rolleyes.gif

    Thanks in Advance

    Nithin thumbsup.gif

    • You can enable traces on the Event server by appending -trace in the command line parameter in the server command line properties - and restart it once, then find the logging folder - the logs should generate there with this server name.

    • Nithin,

      I tried to reproduce your case, but not able to...created three file events, and placed three files in three different paths, once all the files placed, the scheduling started running....

      let me know, if you still facing the same problem,,,or if you find the solution or work it back helps SCN community.

    • Not sure how technical this is;

      Web Rich Client,


      • Great for generating any report from Universe and Excel imports
      • Can be exported to PDF & Excel
      • Can be published as a web service
      • Can be scheduled in CNC to be emailed to user list daily, weekly, monthly.
      • Can be viewed in Business Objects Mobile
      • Can be accessed by other created users to build their own reports
      • Great functionality including formatting & conditional formatting
      • Great formula system to achieve en calculation or formula needed
      • Great for merging various data sources together
      • Can create very large reports with multiple pages
      • Direct linking to reports created


      User somewhat limited to interaction with actual report after export



      • Great reporting tool for Business Objects
      • Users can interact with the dashboard (where reports are fixed) – apply various filters and options
      • Endless possibilities to display various information in different visual ways
      • Connects with Universes & Web services.
      • Can be accessed on Business Objects Mobile


      • Incompatible with new versions of Excel – I would suggest Excel 2007

      Crystal Reports,

      I don’t use Crystal reports at all as we found that X and Webi provided all our reporting needs.

  • Hi ,

    We have created events based on a file . So report gets scheduled based on file event.

    Once data load is completed. a notification file is copied to event server and the report scheduling is triggered. But the report is populated with no data and when we refreshed the report manually it is fetching data.

    In the log file it says input contained no data. Can you please help me here if you ever run into the same issue.

    I am new to CMC.



    • i reckon that report you are refreshing has couple of prompts.

      so while you are refreshing the report, you might be giving the selection prompts,which are holding any data, the other end, the scheduled one might has different set of prompts you might given earlier, for which are not holding data  or vice versa.

      I suggest, do a fresh scheduling of the same report and it goes.

      post back the results so it helps SCN Community.

      • Hi Siva ,

        Report does not have any prompt values. and this issue is occuring very randomly.

        Can you please let me know how can we trace this issue. If it happens next time.



        • you can check at what time Data Loading is happening in the Backend. and check the scheduling timings.if is there any run into this kind of issue.

      • Thanks Siva,

        Do you mean by why placing file in AL11 via ABAP program after data loads ?

        Is there no standard way except this bespoke method.

        Thank you,


        • while creating file event, it asks for file path, that might be AL11, but i suggest place a file in shared path to which you have access.  cause for accessing AL11 you, the request has to go through First Presentation later Application.

          • Hi Siva,

            Using process chains if we need to create text file, its possible only in AL11(Application server level)

            I never done it in shared drive, can you please guide us how this can be done ?

            Thank you.

  • Hi Siva,


        For a recurring scheduled job that waits for the file based event to occur, is there a way to receive a failure notification email if the file that the report is waiting for doesn't arrive on that day.

    SAP BO version 4.1 Sp3

    I have a webi report scheduled to start at say 9 AM every day when a text file is created on the shared drive. Obviously, I'm using a file based event here to trigger the scheduled job. I have enabled the Notification email setting to receive both the success and failure emails. Since this is a recurring job (scheduled the report to run every day for the next 2 years) the report runs everyday at specified time and looks for the file. If the file arrives in the specified destination the scheduled job runs for that day and send a success notification email.

    If the file doesn't arrive for whatever reason on that day then the scheduled report will not run, but I will not receive a failure email notification either because the report never failed since the expiry date on the report is set to 2 years from today. How do I notify the admins/users so that they know that the report failed to run for that day so that they are not waiting for the report to arrive? My requirement is that when the file doesn't arrive after certain time on a given day eg:- if the report instance starts at 9 AM and the file doesn't arrive by 11 AM then I need to send a notification to the users that the report failed to run. Is this possible or is it a limitation in BO?

    Thank you!

      • Nope. I won't get any kind of notification from the DBA's regarding the delay of the ETL job completion. They simply drop a file at the location that my report will be looking. I think they will get notified if the data load fails but it doesn't come to me.

        • The delay notification of the trigger file would be better off coming from DBA whenever a SLA is reached.

          This way, you got the email notification you need as well as all other folks to whom are concerned.



          • Thanks Jin-Chong for the reply. I think what you suggested above would be possible and will have to go with it as there is no other alternative in the Business Objects that allows me notify users if the file doesn't arrive after certain time. I will discuss this solution with the DBA's and hear what they have to say. Thanks again for your help!

  • Is there a way to trigger a CMC Custom Event from a 3rd party scheduling tool & then have that kick off the job? (Our CMS is on Linux). This may work to start the job, but the scheduler would not know if the job finished.

    We are trying to schedule a CMC Information Steward Task/job from a 3rd party reporting tool.

    • Hello,

      Control-M works with it's own scheduling behavior. Controlling  Scheduling jobs in Control-M, you can look out in the Control-M help Doc. But if you want to control the schedules in Business Objects using Control-M, can be done via File event. you can trigger windows batch file via control-M which places a text file in directory.

  • Hi Siva,

    Is it possible to create file based event with file patterns. File name is appended with date and i want to schedule the report based on that file.



    • Unfortunately, no.  For File Events, the Event Server just looks for the presence of the file after it has been absent for at least one cycle of the Event Server - it does NOT look at the contents or date stamp of the file and the file must always have the same name.


  • Hello,

    I have based triggering of my crystal report publication on two file events. These file events are triggered from two different process chains. What I have noticed is that the publication is not triggered upon completion of both events but triggers on completion of either events. Does this mean that if we include multiple events in Events to wait for section it will perform OR operation rather than AND operation?

    Has anybody faced this issue? Is there a workaround?


  • Hello Siva,
    Really it helps me a lot to understand about the events.

    One query , what's the difference between available events and available scheduled events ?

    Which one we prefer while scheduling the report ?


  • I have a set 12 monthly billing reports that need to run after End of the Month processes have completed which takes about 4-6 hours. We are creating records in a table with a data time stamp after each of the 12 processes have successful completed. Is it possible to trigger a report once all 12 processes have successful completed using Events? I have been researching the knowledge base, blogs, etc.¬†but have not found anything which matches my requirements. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help in advance!

    Ali Khan

  • Dear all,

    I am scheduling a report and I need it to wait for the data to be ready in the source but I don't have any privilege to create an event.

    So I need an alternative solution. Is it possible to make this report wait without using events, by using sql statement?  Is there any alternative way for my script to return error instead of sending an empty file?


    • Yes, there is a hack to do this.¬† You would add a second data provider, with SQL that produces a div/0 error when the report should not run.

      For example, if your data source is Oracle and the report should only run if there is data for today, you would use a query like the following:

      select 1/count(1)

      from table

      where trunc(load_date) = trunc(sysdate)

      This will cause the query to throw an ORA- error, and the schedule will fail.  The problem with this method is that the report will then run multiple times during the day -- as long as there is data that meets the query qualification.

      An Event is definitely a better solution.

  • BI Platform 4.2.4 -- I'd like monitor a folder with BO and be notified if there are any Web Intelligence Documents.¬† The folder is in the root 'All Folders'.¬† I setup an event and have tried different paths in the File Name settings such as /webi templates/*.wid¬† and¬† ¬†/All Folders/webi templates/*.wid¬† but it doesn't seem to do anything.¬† Alerting is enabled and I am subscribed to it.

    Am I missing something or is this just not possible?

  • Hi all, is there a chance to use an event e.g. PUBLISH_BO that is triggered from SAP BW 7.50 at the end of a process chain? I definded an event in BO type "scheduled event" in BO and just want to bridge the link between SAP BI and BO publishing. Publishing should only be executed when process chain triggers the event.

    What has to be done technically for that? Do I need a SDK or other tools?

    This should be out of the box I guess.

    Kind regards,



  • Hi,

    Thank you for the article, very helpful and explanatory.  In our BI 4.3 SP3 I am using File and Schedule events to trigger reports after database load is complete.  The file arrives in the shared directory , and trigger the associated File event.  The report schedules have the event dependency and start the execution.  In the end of the day the file is deleted using scheduled program. Recently I came across the issue with time difference between the file arrival and schedule start time.  For example if the file arrives at 5 AM and the schedule is set to start at 8 AM with the event, it ignores the 3 hour early event and does not start.

    The file time arrival is different every day; it is not possible to adjust the schedule start times.

    Can you help here? What am I missing?

    Thank you,