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Year 2013 bug in BDC field

Last day’s I was confronted with a “invalid date” bug in an old batch-input program (BDC).

It was running well since years but from the 1st day of 2013 the called input screen popped up with this “invalid date” error.

The solution was that sy-datum was always put to a dats field in reverse order ( 20120721 ). This date was all the time misinterpreted ( as 20.12.0721 ) but since the date was not needed nobody take notice. On the 2nd of Jan. 2013, first time the error occurred because the date field was now filled with 20130102 and this leads the data validation to the misinterpretation of 02.13.0102 (European notation). Since there is no 13. month the error occurred.

Just in case anybody has the same problem 🙂

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  • Not really sure how this is bug as BDC type programs have always acted this way and as a developer you always had to make sure that your BDC session data always matched the runtime preferences of the user such as date or comma format.

    The real bug is why are we still using BDC style programs to load data into SAP in 2013 and why is the business suite connected together using RFC when SOA was announced back in 2003.

    Take care,


    • Hello,

      May possible your Server Time is also present in the same manner. Ask the basis guys to make change the server time according to your requirement gather problem.