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Dear All; One of the way to display the GOS PDF document via Webdynpro; hope this will help; Step1: Select the list of attachments from the business document using function module BDS_ALL_CONNECTIONS_GET; for this you need the following inputs; Classname, Classtype and objkey Step2: Convert the file ID (loio_id from the above function module) to xstring using the method “attachment_get_detail” from the class “cl_hap_wd_document_ui” Data:     lv_aid  type bds_docid,     lv_fcon  type string,     lv_fchex type xstring,     lv_mftyp type string,     lv_ret  type bapiret2. attachment_get_detail(       exporting         attachment_id    = lv_aid         attachment_type  = ‘pdf’       importing         file_content    = lv_fcon         file_content_hex = lv_fchex         mime_file_type  = lv_mftyp         s_return        = lv_ret                           ). Step3: Display the document in new browser; using the method attach_file_to_response from class cl_wd_runtime_services; data:     l_file    type string,     l_mime    type string,     pdf_data  type xstring. l_mime = ‘application/pdf’ . l_file = ‘title.pdf’ . call method cl_wd_runtime_services=>attach_file_to_response     exporting       i_filename  = l_file       i_content  = lv_fchex       i_mime_type = l_mime.

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