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Answers to the Quick Fire Festive Quiz

quick fire quiz.jpgJust before Christmas I posted a quick quiz of a few of my favorite puzzle questions from over the years. If you have not had a go already you can find the original quiz at :-

A Quick Fire Quiz For the Festive Season

  1. A boat is floating in a harbor with a rope ladder hanging over the side. The bottom rung of the ladder just touches the water. The rungs are an inch thick and 28.5 inches apart, if the tide rises 29.5 inches how many rungs will be completely submerged ?

    Answer: None.
    The ladder and the boat both rise with the tide.

  2. A doughnut-shaped piece of iron is heated, does the hole in the middle get smaller or larger or stay the same size?

    Answer: Larger.
    Imagine the hole was actually filled with iron, as the whole shape expands the iron in the hole would expand too, so the hole must expand.

  3. What is the opposite of “not in” ?

    Answer: In
    Not sure where the temptation to say the opposite of “not in” is “out” comes from but a moment’s thought shows that, “not in” means “out” and he opposite of “out” is “in”.

  4. If you are in a race and you overtake the person in second place, what place are you now in ?

    Answer: Second.
    You were in third place, you over took the person in second, you are now in second, first is still ahead of you.

  5. Together two items cost $1.10, one costs $1 more than the other what is the price of each of them ?

    Answer $1.05 and $0.05.
    The immediate gut answer is often $1 and 10cents, but then the difference is only 90cents.

  6. I have two coins whose total value is 35 cents, one of them is not a quarter, what are the coins ?

    Answer: a quarter (25 cents) and a dime (10 cents).
    One of them is not a quarter, it is a dime.

  7. You have two buckets of water one at 30 degrees C and one at 30 degrees F, simultaneously two stones are dropped one into each bucket, which stone will hit the bottom of the bucket first ?

    Answer: The stone in the 30 degrees C bucket.
    The 30 degree F bucket is frozen.

  8. Which of these is the odd word out? catch, buy, throw, think, fight

    Answer: throw.
    All the others have past tenses which rhyme: caught, bought, thought, fought but throw does not (threw).

  9. What is the connection between these words ? invalid, entrance, live, read, refuse

    Answer: you cannot pronounce them correctly without knowing their meaning (at least with my accent).
    invalid = “not valid” or “someone who is sick”
    entrance = “a way in” or “to put into a trance”
    live = “to reside” or “to carry electricity”
    read = present and past tense is spelled the same but pronounced differently
    refuse = “rubbish (UK), garbage (US)” or “to decline”

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