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iOS 6 SUP tutorial

I wrote a tutorial,, which uses the latest API’s available in iOS 6. It uses storyboard instead of the old SUP101 tutorial. I did not know about this group, so I put it in “SAP Mobile Platform Development Center”.

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  • Hi,

    I gone through u r post and i developed a iphone app using storyboard…all is going fine…at the time of running my app…its only building the app not running on simulator…with out running the app on simulator how can i know exact output of my app….I set my active scheme as libgenerated…./iphone6….its building fine …bt it won’t run on simulator…



    • Hi!

      There are two targets here, SUP101 and generatedcode_lib. To run the app you have to set the target to SUP101 in the active scheme button on top of the window. The button is divided in two, the first part selects the target, the second the device.

        • Hi Surpur,

          in the tutorial you should use the libraries for iphoneos. Use the libraries for iphonesimulator instead.

          With this little change it works well in our case. If you have tested everything in simulator and would deploy it on a real device you have to change this files to the device-specific libraries.

          Sandra Jagusch