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Freshers – Guide – By SAPers

Dear my future innovators,

Today its difficult to finding the job in fast moving professional life however the world is a very big place to find whatever you want. Here is the place requesting you to explain and it may get something positive.

I knew, How struggle to getting a job.. I have crossed a milestones to enter my first job into SAP as a fresher in 2010.

I requested everyone to share your experience about how did you get the first job after done your degree.

Your reply’s would really reach the people those who are looking for the first job in his/her career.

Follow the below points and make your blog very interesting.

1.Provide an intro about yourself

2.Give Do’s and Don’ts from your experience while attend the interview

3.How will take easy to face the interview

4.What you did in front of interviewer – Fun/Real things

5.Add your cool picture if you taken before attend the interview

6.Give your social media contacts for further help or guidence

7.What is the Best lesson which helps you to enter the first company

8.Describe your fun facts, events with your friends in the time of On Campus / OFF campus interviews

9.Short term – Middle term – Long Term goals

10.Finally how to crack the interview based on your experience

😐 Freshers looking forward to your reply!!!  Hurry up… This is one of the way to create the next powerful generation. 🙂

——————————- My Experience as below——————————–

Hi Everyone,

Below was my experience, Welcome everyone to share yours too.

Many reasons affect your career choices, including the people in your life and your circumstances, though this is the best to start thinking about your career and get into your liked one as quickly as you can..

My experience is simple and powerful. Because constant in my life is “Change”.

Here I will brought you important things about my experience How i got the first job after done my degree.

I was born and brought up in Small city called Gobichettipalayam. It was in Tamilnadu – India. Did schooling’s there and I got 74% in HSC. That time my dream was into the standard university but my family situation pushed me to a small engineering college affiliated by Anna University.

From the day1 of my college day in B.Tech (Information Technology), I have joined a course for C programming near my place and I was discontinued when I found the faculty is not good(during that time there was no MOOC course like OpenSAP) and have worked in Net Cafe as a part timer which was awesome.

Time has helped me to learn the business, Computer and about internet. Special thing I learnt was digital marketing in the year 2006. Done a ton of things in the social media platform like in orkut and i likes Yahoo GeoCities – service is no longer available. My personal page “Coffee with my geocities” where everyone can take a cup of coffee and open my page to choose Tamil/English e newspaper from the list and read, gave me different experience.

College life with business went fine…  my Interesting subject are programming and database. Not interesting in mathematics. I was not attending any maths class because I was busy inside the college Internet lab or Library by that time.

During those period, I took risk and made some interesting things, all from my near-ones discourage indirectly but no one has encourage except few..  Those days are most important in my life. I took a challenge about myself and achieved. I have formed a team with less number of friends. And each one starts to learn different activities. During my 4 year of college life we have attained 70% of prizes for all inter college completions and proved we are the best.

And we went to many National level technical Symposium has been conducted by leading colleges in India. Initially we went one college that was the first college. We didn’t get any prizes but we were happy that had good & tasty lunch.. 😆   And we decided to go all colleges those who are conducting National level Technical symposium at least for food. Start Googling!!!  We did homework a lot. Finally everyone got at least one prize in one college for any events. We all think differently. Contacts increase like anything!!

Boom Boom!! Same time we have cleared all the university papers. Final year I was very happy when my friends cleared and got first in Aptitude test. I have zero percent interest in Aptitude test however 100% confidence to get job.

One pvt media company came to my college for on campus interview. I didn’t pass the aptitude test… I came back to class think different to do something. Then I prepared myself and directly went to placement office room to meet the HR of the company.

Finally I met the person of the company, introduce myself and start to explain the ideas about their company growth. Ensure that I gone through their website before meeting. 😀 Around 1 hour discussion finally they asked me Do you know PHP? I don’t know but immediately I said, Well.. I know very well. 😉

Then they gave me one big assignment for their next project. I have to design Fresher’s Job Portal of Video resume profile in PHP. Time limit was 15 days. They said you come and collect offer letter on 16th day if u completed successfully. First day I did analysis about PHP, installed Wampserver and start my work on day 2. On 15thday project as ready with maximum of database error. They revisited my college and voluntarily I went and shown my project. They said we are expecting from you at least 10% but u completed 70%. Wow.. 😯 I got offer letter and the nature of work is like to updating latest news, scores and organizing events seconds by seconds. My left brain says, Vasanth, Its recession period so go and join but right brain says don’t join meantime start learning something and I took good decision that not to join. Time comes to end. Say bye bye to college life.

I went to Chennai and I got a call for interview in Bangalore a very next day. Again with my things reached Bangalore. Attended many interviews, I got by rejected in aptitude round. Even I was keeping on trying. 9pm to 10pm in net cafe for finding the jobs on very next day-With 30 set of resumes I left my room by 6am. Time waits for No one, 3 months gone. 😥

I went SAP Labs for interview. I did really well because very very less aptitude and more technical. But discarded. I had many things including food inside SAP LABs. Never have seen the company like SAP is giving free snacks and food for fresher who is coming to SAP Labs.

Then personally I was started R&D about SAP Labs. Many things came out. Dream, Mission and Vision finalized. I forgot to find the jobs because I am full busy to looking my brain deep for attending SAP demo sessions. As a technical guy I planned to do SAP ABAP or SAP BI on Sept 2010.

Near my area I got a person who knows SAP BI. Let’s go. Everything I learnt and the time I am waiting for BEx and BO reporting part. I got a first SAP interview call on NOV 2010 from my current company.

Everything went fine.. Got Job. They asked me to work for some time in SCM for their Client location. One year was in Front End Supply chain L2 support and till since feb’12 working for Consumer Solution Operation(CSO) & IT-Innovation: COE team.(Center of excellence). Mid of 2011 I have started my BlogSpot. My first blog was Structure of ERP and what is ERP. Now I’m giving in my blog what SAP has released yesterday.

By Blogging and Social media event, Recently in SAP TechEd – Global Marketing team gave me 3rd out of 10 top # tweets.

I recently started my professional blog, – Vasap talks more about Gamification, Design Thinking where connecting with ERP.

Last but not least, don’t lose your confidence.

Take care,
Future is waiting,

Vasanth S

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  • Dear Vasant,

    I am surprised why you not add your struggle and opinions of getting your 1st Jib in SAP.

    You are made good template guide line for creating platform for freshers but if you put your methodology how you got your job or whats the tricks for cracking the interview it will really help us.



    • Yes… I must to give my struggles and opinions..This Thought came to my mind 5 mins before starts this blog..  I’m preparing the best of my best and publish soon..

      Vasanth S

    • hi rohit,

      i am suneesh currently working as a SAP consultant. Its been only 4 months since i have joined. If u r a fresher searching for a job definetly u will hear millions of do’s and donts from expert people but what i feel is its just a matter of preparing yourself, your attitute towards life and ur subject knowledge that will get u a job.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is a hard world to break in to and you have shared some good tactics. I spent some time working in staffing and resourcing and have resume templates and interview advice if anyone is interested please let me know.

    Best of luck in your career!

      • Dear Vasanth,

             I am D.Hruday from Hyderabad. I red your experience and it is very inspiring to me. I completed my course SAP HR. But i am facing problems to prepare resume. Could you please help me to prepare resume(fresher) and tips to prepare for interview. 

        • Hi Hruday,

          I’m happy to support you to prepare the very good resume. Here Tim Guest  also would like to help you more than me.

          I will give you an interview tips as much i can.

          ~ Vasanth S

  • Hi Vasanth,

    your thought is great, to write such a blog..

    While reading many lines, i rememberd the incidents in ma life which is same as like you.Actually I saw this blog just now. This comment is just like and intro, I will post ma exp & struggle here soon.

    Thanks ,

    Anoop Satheesan

  • Dear Vasanth Sir ,

    Your Blog is Really Nyc !!!

    I Need Your  Advice ….

    This is Vrushali From Mumbai &  Completed BSC in Textiles  . Recently Working With Home textile Based Company Where I am SAP User From 6 Months , I almost Handle All Transaction of MM & PP & SD ,While Working I Start Loving This SAP Work ,So Want to Certified in SAP MM bt some ppl say SAP has more demand …n some of them are prefere only software engineer background ppl ..,,Can u help out me About SAP Career.

  • Sir ,

    I agree , I cnt left job while Studying & Bt If I’l go For Certification than which institute will be btter beacuase i cn afford only online Training ……SAP is in Demand or not ??????

    • Don’t left your job. Do whatever you want while working. Self learning with SCN support is more enough to become an expert.

      Vasanth S

  • Hi

       I am a fresher 2012 Passed out guy with 74% From Guntur(AP).. Immediately  after my college in month of June  i joined SAP BI Course and now as a fresher I am able to crack the 2+ Interviews( as i did for 1 company)… But time is not on my side… As a Fresher i got opportunity to attend the interview for 1 company that is in Pune and Mumbai location… Among the Aspirants i given the best and every one appreciated finally my name is not there in the list… I don’t know  the reason… Still Trying for fresher Job on SAP BI…

  • Hi Guys,

    First of all thanks vasanth to share ur views and ideas about the first step to get a project in SAP.

    My name is Ron. I am also a fresher to SAP CRM. I have been looking for a job since 4 months, the market is too slow. Atleast to start with a small project, its really tough now a days. I am based out of US.

    Do need helpful tips from ur side… If u can kindly call me on 214-699-9845.

    Thanks a ton once again


    • Hello Joseph,

      Please keep on trying. I am sure you will get the job at earliest. Understand small business scenarios and work out accordingly. 🙂

      Vasanth S

  • vasanth,

    Me too a fresher in sap crm, looking for a job from past 4 months. The market is too slow now in SAP.

    Thanks for ur input. would really appreciate ur help.

  • Hi Vasanth,

    first am appreciating your confidence boss and am very thankful to you for creating blog for fresher.

    I to completed my B.Tech-EEE From Sri venkateshwara Institute of Since & Technology  Thiruvalluru affiliated to Anna University in 2006.

    Now am completed SAP PP, please can you help me out in preparing resume as a fresher with domain experience.



  • Hi Vasanth,

    I am Fresher SAP FICO … just i got job after investing sum of Amount in to company on Bond.. starting level u have to struggle in right direction for 1 to 2 years… then u will able to reach Professionally SAP Consultant its more valuable in Market



  • hi vasanth…

    very nice vasanth.. really motivating for freshers like me,,, 🙂

    here I would like to ask a help frm u..

    I hav finished my ECE in 2013. I was searching job fr 3 months but I didn’t get anything, so I hav planned to SAP. but, I don’t no which module I hav to go with, I am in big dilemma. can u plz suggest a way for me?? it will be good if u give ur contact..




    • Hello Muthaiya,

      Thanks for your message. I am not sure whether you are strong in functional or technical.

      If you have Technical(Prog.)/DB knowledge, Learn As ABAP 7.4 with HANA, BI on HANA or Choose SAP Mobility platform like Sybase, Afaria..

      otherwise you can take any on demand functional modules.

      I suggest you can learn SAP Business One as its On-Demand and great future in India.

      Best, Vasanth S

  • i want to know software tester can also do a sap course . if they can then which sap course they can do . can you tell me something about SAP business one and what are the requirement to do the course .

    • Hi Mohit,

      SAP Business one is on demand and helps SME’s. You can learn and get B1 consultant job rather than going as a tester

  • Interesting blog Vasanth !             (I found a nice message from your blog)

    I understand the best way to keep going on is, ” to keeping motivating others and in-turn you get motivated by their pursuit of motivation ! ” 🙂 .

    Will take sometime and surely pin down my experience as well.

    It’s good to know you Vasanth.

    PS:- BTW I found you and your blog through your status quote:  “ …constantly keep reinventing yourself. Keep rethinking what it is you’re trying to do, keep getting better everyday, so that nobody catches you….”   –> Well  said  Bill !


    Naren Krishna.