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CMC\Events in Business Objects and It’s Usage

Hi Every One,

This is my first blog in SAP, Here I am going to tell about the Events and it’s usage in the SAP Business objects. I would like to say events are one of the most useful BO Flags to keep check on the scheduling’s.

Basically events are three types. 

  1. Custom Event
  2. File  event
  3. Scheduled event.    

First we will see what exactly each one is:


Events are like Flags or Check points which can give some information about the events or actions happened on the server.


Custom Event: This can also be called as Manual event. This one has two properties one its name other is its description.


File base Event: We can use this event based on some file placed in any path like say if file is placed in one of the path in the server, based on this action, you can run reports by scheduling. In brief you can say placing some text or any file in a path. Once this action is completed you can run reports.

In Business Perspective, let say all the required tables for reporting got loaded monthly/weekly/daily. Once this load happens place a textfile in a path.

so once the file is placed this event gets triggered.


Scheduling Event: This event is used to run reports or any BI objects sequentially one after the other.This event definition has three actions in it. Those are Success, Failure and Success or Failure.

It makes sense the status of any running objects could be either success, failure.


Now pictorially will see the events creation and their usage.

Creating Events:  Login to the CMC. In the Define section, you can see the Events .


Click on the Events Icon.the followed screen appears in the window.


Once you click the New Event The Following screen appears.


Here you can make selection on which type of event you are going to create.

Custom Event:


File Event:


Scheduled Event:


Once after creation of the Events.We need to assign the security to the users to use these events.

Do a right click on the event and select the properties and then select the User security as shown on the Add Principles button to add Users and User Groups to access these events.


Once after done with the security.We can use these events to run BI Objects like Reports,Publications etc.

let say you are scheduling a webi report/publication.Do a right click on the report and Select shedule.The followed screeb will appears.


Click on the Events in Navigation pane to view all the events.Now select the event to “Events to wait for” pane.let say you selected custom event to this pane.

And now try to shedule the report with “Run Now” Option.Then you will see the instance status as Pending.It is waiting for the event to get triggered.Then

goto the CMC\Events ,Do a right click on the event and select the “Trigger Event” .

Then come back and check the Instance status.the status will be  changed to  “Running”.

In the above screen you can see “Avalable shcedule Events” and ” Events to Trigger on Completion”  here you can select any sheduled event to trigger on. In the same way you can use this triggered event  as  kickoff event for another shedule or Shedules.In this way We control/achieve Sequential shedules aswellas  Parllel Shedules.

I apologise for the grammer mistakes.

I welcome the feedback,comments and Complements.



Business Objects Consultant.

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      Author's profile photo Aditya Raj
      Aditya Raj

      Hi Sankar,

      I have scheduled a weekly report based on the file event. However, the report publishing takes some random amount of time after the file generation. Also, even though the file is generated once, the evnt is generated many times in BOBJ and only one of them triggers the report. why is this behavior? I have also scheduled a daily report based on same file which is getting published immediately after the file generation.