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Complete Recruitment Process

  1. 1-      Create position (which will be Advertised)                             PPOME

Create Position which is going to be Filled.

Step 2:

  1. 1-      Maintain Position Requirement                                                    PPPM          

Maintain requirement for the position

                 E.g MBA +2 Years Experience.


Step 3:                                 

  1. 1-      Advertisement   Jobs PBAW              

Advertise the jobs on the medium

Which has already been created through



Step 4:

  1. 1-      Run Applicant action                                                                          PB40


Run T-code PB40 and chose Initial Entry Of basic Data Action

                This action has Following Info types which are Already Configured.

Info type: 0001,0002,0006,4001

                     & 0022(Education), 0023(Employer), Qualification (0024).



Step 5:

  1. 1-      Profile Matchup PEPM               

Matchup Job Requitement with the Applicant Qualification.

Step 6:

  1. 1-      Interview Invitation                                                                           PB40

Chose Action Interview Applicant

After profile matchup of successful


Reject Applicant, On Hold Applicant,

Step 7:

  1. 1-      Prepare For Hiring PB40

After Interview if Applicant Selected will be

Given Offer  letter.

After accepting offer applicant action

Prepare for hiring will be run

Step 8:

  1. 2-      Transfer Data from Recruitment  to PA                                    PBA7

In last Applicant Data will be transfer into

SAP system Through T-Code PBA7

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  • Hai Tasneem,

    Thanks for your Document, searching for this type of Doc. only to train my user how to do recruitment.

    i have one doubt, in profile match up PEPM you given only one applicant example, but we have to match-up atleast 5-10 applicants.

    can you elaborate from PEPM onwards to till applicant hired as a employee. That how to choose the correct employee and next steps.

    please share that…


    praneeth kumar

    • HI praneeth,

                 First of all you will set requirement for position through PPPM and set applicant qualification in info type 0024 than through than through pepm you can select any no of

      employess against any position than you have to manually chose the applicant whose criteria is upto your requirement than t-code pb40 and run action invite applicant which you chose are according to your requirement.

      at the moment my server link is down i will share snap shots with you tommorow

  • Hi tasneem,

    I appreciate the way you explained in a simple way , how the recruitment takes place when the position gets open and how it should be filled, need some more postings on these topic.




  • Hi,

    Simple & straight… its nice…

    Am new to recruitment…. one doubt its…. does this belong to E-Recruitment or just recruitment.

    Please provide some inputs…

    Thanks in advance,


      • Thanks for the response Mithun……

        So, this is common part for both E-Recruitment and Recruitment, but E-Rec has some additions.

        I would be glad if you can throw some light on E-rec as well. I just need an overview on apart from the above configurations what should be included for E-rec.

        If you don’t mind I request one more suggestion from you, Can the sub-modules E-Rec , ESS/MSS, Performance Management system, Compensation management be learnt by self study?

        Appreciate and await your response.



        • Hi Venkatesh regarding the E-Recruitment configuration and overview it is totally different from the Recruitment configuration and fully it is web based interface and there are lot of roles and responsibility such as Manager,Candidate etc….

          But the configuration and the idea in regards to normal recruitment process in ECC would be an added advantage before stepping into E-recruitment module.

          Also the other modules can be learnt by self but the best way to learn is to work on the above modules in any project where we will come to know lot of real time scenarios.

          Will keep you updated in regards to the Overview of the E-recruitment module in detail.


          Mithun K