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Author's profile photo David Clavey

New years resolution – wean employees off their smart phones

Here is an interesting article from the New York Times claiming that some companies seek to wean employees from their smartphones.

The article quotes Atos, an international information technology company and Daimler, the German automaker. And is mainly dealing with the effect of email dependency on employees productivity. One idea being to stop all internal emails, another idea being to delete all out-of-hours emails. Both seem very extreme to me.

Some quotes:

Atos … plans to phase out all e-mails among employees by the end of 2013 and rely instead on other forms of communication

Daimler … incoming e-mail automatically deleted during vacations so they do not return to a flooded in-box

I love challenging blogs and this is one of them. I feel the problem is more to do with quality of emails being sent within companies, rather than the smartphone per se.

Possibly this is more to do with the Harvard professor mentioned “Leslie A. Perlow” selling his new book Sleeping with your Smartphone, I do like the title.

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      Author's profile photo Paul Tomlinson
      Paul Tomlinson

      Nice idea - however I think it will go the other way.  The thinking behind this is that as we make more and more business applications available on smartphones and other devices, the more likely it is that people will use those applications in their personal time.


      Author's profile photo David Clavey
      David Clavey
      Blog Post Author

      I understand Atos and Daimler concern over email overload having an effect on people. But their solution appears a bit luddite to me, smash up the mobiles ! As you say Paul the solution lies in business apps which increase their productivity and decrease their stress levels. And can I add possibly some email control as well.

      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      At a risk of sounding like NRA ("guns don't kill people") I'd say smartphones/emails are not a problem. People are the problem. No one is holding a gun at you forcing to check emails in the middle of the night. Just stop doing that. Grow up, for cripes sake.

      The NYT article pointed out correctly that this is an addiction. So expect AA and Weight Watchers and Gambling Hotline for Smartphone addicts ("smartphonoholics"?) anytime soon.

      Author's profile photo David Clavey
      David Clavey
      Blog Post Author

      🙂 Personally, I switch my smart phone off at 18:30 each night ! And back on again at 8:00. Has led to tricky moments when I have been invited to telephone conferences at 7:30 in morning and did not know about it. But that was what my local meeting of "smartphonehilics" advised. 😉