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Gain serendipitous insight into your enterprise data with SAP Business Objects Explorer

Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to gain insight into a large amount of your enterprise data? I’m sure most of us have. How long do you think such a task would take? Considering interfacing with IT, processing and requisitioning the right queries and other associated aspects, I would safely guess a couple of weeks? Not anymore! SAP Business Objects Explorer is a web based search and exploration application that allows you to process huge volumes of data at an unbelievable speed.

In this video, I demonstrated some of the capabilities of SAP Business Objects Explorer. What is also interesting to note is the integration of SAP CRM, SAP’s leading solution for customer management, with SAP Business Objects Explorer that can be easily achieved by customers. Additionally, if you observe the video closely, there is an important aspect that should be evident – traditional reporting solutions involve the user running a ‘pre-defined’ report to extract information that would offer insight into the enterprise data. As the report is ‘pre-defined’, the user is aware of the kind of information that is being sought. While this is useful in many cases, this often results in ignorance of key trends and indicators which could escape the purview of such ‘pre-defined’ reports. However, with SAP Business Objects Explorer, there is a great emphasis on discovery. Rather than running defined reports, you are able to slice and dice huge volumes of information the way you want. And by doing this, chances are that you will uncover important trends and indicators which could have a significant influence on your business in the near future. You are thus able to identify and take note of these trends and act before it’s too late.

SAP Business Objects Explorer is a revolutionary tool that makes exploring huge volumes of data quick, easy and intuitive – thereby driving your productivity up and bringing your dependence on IT down.

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