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Checklist For Building And Preparing An RFx In SAP Sourcing


It is important to prepare for an RFx process to ensure that you are successful in collecting the information that you need in order to help you drive the next step of the process.  The following is a brief checklist that may be used to help you prepare to build an RFx in SAP Sourcing:

Collect Spend Data for the RFx Category

This information is important to understand what the overall opportunity is and is used in summary reporting.

Decide what Type of RFx Process will be Executed:

  • RFP with questions and pricing (this is the best choice if the intent is to include both questions and pricing and there is a
    possibility of using multiple rounds)
  • RFI with questions only
  • RFQ with pricing only

There are other configurations that can be used and multiple rounds can be included for any type of RFx. 

Identify Stakeholders to be Added as Collaborators to RFx:

Collaborators must be created as users in the system in order to add them to an RFx.  Collaborators can be added as reviewers only or as editors.  If Collaborative Scoring is to be used, Scorers must be added as Collaborators first.

Determine the Schedule and Key Dates of the RFx:
It will be important to consider the “size” of the RFx and how much time will be required to enable the suppliers to provide
their best responses. Key dates to consider include the following:

  • Date to open the RFx to the suppliers
  • Date by which suppliers must express their intent to submit a response
  • Date by which suppliers must actually submit the response
  • Date the RFx will be closed

Identify any information that you want to provide to the suppliers including file attachments:
These may be added in the Information tab and may include attachments.  Typical information sections that are added include:

  • Training materials for the suppliers
  • Standard Contract Terms and Conditions which the suppliers will be expected to work with if awarded the business
  • Specifications and drawings

Determine any RFx Event Terms that the Suppliers Must Accept Prior to Having Access to the RFx:
This may include statements about confidentiality and how they may or may not use the information provided in the RFx.

Identify Incumbent Suppliers and Potential Suppliers To Be Invited to Participate in the RFx:
Suppliers and the associated contacts must be created in the system in order to invite them to parcipitate in an RFx.

Identify Contacts for Each Supplier that Will Be Responsible for Preparing the Response to the RFx:
At minimum, the following details about each contact will be important:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

Ensure that each contact for each supplier is created in the system so that they have a user id and password to access
the RFx at the specified time.

If Questions are to be Included, Determine the Sections of Questions and the Actual Questions (by section) Which Will Be Asked of the Suppliers:
It will also be important to decide and set:

  • Question scoring method
  • Question preferences
  • Question weightings
  • Question section weightings

If Pricing is to be Included, Determine the Quantities of Each Item or Service to be Quoted by the Suppliers:

  • It will also be important to establish baseline (current) pricing so that you can measure savings opportunities.
  • You can also establish target pricing to help you compare actual quotes to planned goals.

Review RFx tabs for completeness:

  • Header details including name of RFx, category of spend, and collaborators to be invited
  • Schedule details including open date, intent to respond date, and close date
  • Information sections to be provided to the suppliers to help them prepare the best response
  • Questions to be asked of the suppliers ensuring that preferences and scoring methods have been selected
  • Question weightings have been set for scoring purposes have been applied both to questions and to sections
  • Line items for goods and / or services in specific quantities have been added for suppliers to quote

Change the Phase to “Open for Response” to Allow the Suppliers Access to the RFx:
At this point, the RFx is available to the suppliers and they can begin preparing their responses.

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