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Business Value of Setting up Cascading Filters

What is the value of setting up cascading filters in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio ?  If you are navigating a lot of data on the iPad it would help to filter it.

I watched the SAP video Design Studio 1.0: Set up a Cascading Filter in an Application and thought I would give it a try myself.  I ended up adding one more step at the end – see below.

First I create my own application, with a cross tab and chart.  I added two dropdown boxes, as the video shows.  At the start up event I include the code (using the Wizard) to fill up the project text and work breakdown structure (WBS) text. 


In my application, instead of filtering by country > region I will filter by project > WBS.  A several WBS elements make up a project.


The above script was created using the content assistance.


On the first dropdown (projects) I added script to get the value from the Project info object and then to select the project’s related WBS members


On the second dropdown (WBS) I get the selected value of the WBS – note this was not part of the video.


Here is how the application looks on the iPad:


The screen shot above is looking at the first dropdown (projects)


In the above I’ve selected the PM project and the crosstab and the chart have filtered to only the PM project.


The above is filtering on WBS element

So on the iPad you can have the Design Studio application send all the projects, and then let the project manager filter what project they need, and even down to the WBS level.

Check out the other videos available at

I am sure we will hear more about Design Studio at BI2013

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