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Fulfilling A business need: Financial Statements using Crystal Reports Inside SAP ERP

In this previous blog I explained how I set up real-time balance sheets with Crystal Reports embedded inside the SAP ERP system.  These balance sheets are “pixel perfect” and can be run at any time.  Note you must be on enhancement package 5 in SAP ERP to use this functionality (Crystal inside ERP)

I had no issues with the Balance Sheet because that simply followed the SAP ERP Financial Statement hierarchy version (transaction OB58).

However, I encountered some challenges when setting up the Statement of Changes in Net Position (private sector would call this an Income Statement”).    According to the Office of Management & Budget, “The Statement of Changes in Net Position reports the beginning net position, the items which caused the net position to change during the reporting period, and the ending net position. “ 

I could use the Financial Statement version to group the accounts but there were certain points where the calculations / subtotals didn’t quite fit the financial statement version


The operating income calculation includes operating revenue less expenses before depreciation – but it is a separate calculation.  I couldn’t get this calculation included in the native ABAP SAP-deliver report (transaction S_ALR_87012284)

So what did I do?  I created a running total formula using Crystal Reports 2011.  First I edit the Running Total Field and then click the Formula icon


Then I do a “running total” on the operating expenses (before depreciation) and the operating revenue and that will give me the operating income


This formula represents operating revenue less operating expenses before depreciation which will equal operating income before deprecation


Overall this was easy to set up and the benefit is a report that is easy to read.  Before we would download the report to Excel and do these custom calculations  – now this Crystal Report can be run on demand, at any time, inside the SAP ERP system.

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