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Unzip data using Custom Actions in SAP MII

The following document will guide you, how to install and use the Unzip Data Action Block in order to decompress or unzip compressed data.

Thanks to Anushree Singh for bringing up the idea for Custom Action block Unzip Data and supporting me for implementation.


Business Scenario for Using Unzip Data Action Block:-

When integrating various systems in a manufacturing environment a need can arise where MII receives compressed data from external systems. Compressed data need to be unzipped and then it can be subsequently used within various transactions of MII. As a result the need for the Unzip functionality to eliminate integration issues and thereby simplifying the process.

Parameter Definitions:-

Input Fields:-

Source File to Unzip:- Give the path of the file that needs to be unzipped (make sure the path is on the system where the server is installed e.g. C:/myFolder/ It supports the winRAR ZIP archive format.

Unzipped File:- Path where the content will be unzipped of the source file (make sure the path is on the system where the server is installed e.g. C:/myFolder/test)


Output Fields:-

: This Boolean flag is set to true if the unzip operation was successful.

Uploading and Deploying the Custom Actions:-

The deployment of custom actions is documented in the MII v12.1, 12.2 Help documentation which can be found online ( -> Select SAP Business Suite -> SAP Manufacturing -> Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence).

The specifics for installing these actions are simply to navigate to the following in MII:

For MII 12.1 –

System Management -> Custom Actions -> Select Upload Button



1. Press the ‘Browse’ button for the Assembly File upload only and select the path for the CustomAction.jar only.

2. Press the Save button

3. Press the Deploy Button

For MII 12.2 –

System Resources -> Custom Actions -> Select Upload Button



1. Press the ‘Browse’ button for the File upload and select the path for the CustomAction.jar.

2. Press the ‘OK’ button.

3. Press the ‘Deploy All’ button.

Your action now appears in the MII Workbench the next time you open up the logic editor under the “Custom Action” category.

Using the Unzip Data Action:-

This section will demonstrate how the Unzip action works and will demonstrate how to build a sample transaction around the action:-

1. Build a sample Transaction using the Unzip Action and simply mapping the output field ‘Success’ to confirm the unzipping of files has been done successfully.


2. Configuring the Path for unzipping the files:-


3. Finally executing the transaction for unzipping:-


JAR Download:-

Download the CustomAction.jar file from

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