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Report on cancer in Bangalore,India distributed based on age

Hey all,

I’m a final year student pursuing B.E.(Information Science and Engineering). I have Business Intelligence as one of my subjects and was wondering what to do as a mini project in the same. After a lot of thought and reading, I figured I wanted to do something which helps bring awareness in the society about cancer.

As I did my reading and research I figured battling cancer or any other disease rather does not have just a medical perspective but also a technological one. If we can use technology to analyse data and present them in a proper format, it can be of great help to the medical practitioners to understand the cause for and also in formulating a better cure for any disease.

I got all my data into haywire excel files and was wondering which software to use to perform ETL and make dimensions out of my data etc. Then at sapteched_bangalore  i got to know about sap_visual_intelligence  and its amazing features. I simply made some changes to my data set and fed it to this amazing software. Once the data was in it, it became a walk in the park for me. I could easily manipulate my data and the generally most difficult part of generating reports in the form of graphs and drill downs etc. . . well that became the most fun to do part with this software.

In no time I had not only my graphs ready but a simple click on them gave me drill downs too. I am a true fan of this software and have already told my college about it and am trying to get a full version of the same at my college very soon!!

Oh .. and the result of one of the reports generated was that “in Bangalore, Prostate cancer is the most prevalent in males who age 75 years and above.”

This is what the generated report looked like :


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