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NAKISA based Org Chart Functionality in Maintain Master Data Application


As a part of HR Renewal functionality, SAP has come up with the new Org Chart functionality which is more flexible than the Org Chart Functionality in EHP5.

Flashback (Old functionality)

In EHP5 the NAKISA based Org Chart functionality used to have only “Show Profile” Option under each block as shown below –


This “Show Profile” application used to display the information related to the employee selected.

Current (New functionality)

In EHP6 the NAKISA based Org Chart functionality now has got more flexible to perform the operations(Navigation) based on menu items based on Launch pad configuration.

Org Chart functionality in EHP6 ( Looks different with the sap_corbu theme) –


New flexibility provided in this Org Chart functionality –


By adding in this extra flexibility, the whole concept of Org Chart has got more powerful by easily plugging in this whole Org Chart functionality into any application which in turn can control the application Navigation and also visualize the Org structure in a very decent way. Let me present a simple example, the HR Renewal’s new standard application – HRPAO_PAOM_MASTERDATA has embedded the Org Chart functionality in order to visualize the search results(Click on “Show Chart” button to open the Org Chart functionality to see resulted employee’s Org chart) –


Power Users(Users who run this application) have now an option to initiate to change the employee’s data using this simple menu option on the displayed org object i.e. for Employees we can now maintain the infotypes by simple click from the Org Chart itself(You have many other options like launching the HCM P&F based process using this option in a similar approach).


These options are configured in the below mentioned launchpad –


Though I don’t really want to get into too technical details in this blog, but I just want to mention a word on how the applications are grouped based on the Object type. Like all employee related applications are tagged with the Target Application Parameter as “OTYPE=P”, all Org Unit related applications are tagged with the Target Application Parameter as “OTYPE=O” and all Position related applications are tagged with the Target Application Parameter as “OTYPE=S”.

Coming to the content of this Org Chart, a new Hierarchy(PAO_HIER) has been delivered to display the Org chart.



Though it looks fairly simple in terms of customization, but we would really need to stretch ourselves in order to make this functionality actually work for custom applications(non FPM Web Dynpro ABAP Application).

Steps ahead

Continue exploring this functionality using this document – which leverages this functionality in a custom application.

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  • Hi Raja,

    A good blog and thanks for sharing. How does this new Org Chart functionality compare versus SOVN OrgChart?

    I noticed a button titled "Today" - does this indicate that their is selection of a key date to view the org chart?

    Best regards.


    • Thanks Luke,

      I believe this Org Chart Functionality is provided by SAP as a Web Dynpro Component.

      Well, this date criteria is not used to update the Org chart. This date selection criteria is used for the "Search" functionality only. I did a quick check by debugging the trigger point(Point where the Org Chart gets refreshed) to validate this point.



      • Hi Raja,

        I suspected it was produced by Nakisa because it looks very similar in some key features, but your blog indicated that it was by SAP and not Nakisa.

        Best regards,


        • Well, this NAKISA Org Chart functionality is provided by SAP as one of the Web Dynpro Application(HIER_VIS_UI_WRAPPER). Previously in EHP5, in order to avail this functionality, we have to install the EMBORGCH Add-on component specifically. But now, we do not need any additional installation specific to NAKISA Org Chart functionality as it comes as a part of HR Renewal components itself. So I termed it as a functionality provided by SAP itself.



          • Hi Raja,

            SOVN OrgChart is also offered by SAP. I just want to make it known for readers of the blog that the EMBORGCH component in EhP5 is only available in MSS for Managers to start HR Processes and Forms processes and not as a general OrgChart.

            Best Regards,


          • Agreed Luke,

            My replies to your Q's brings readers a fair idea on the Org Chart functionality I am referring too ! Thanks for your time.

            Now with HR Renewal functionality, I would want to make a point that this Org Chart feature is also used in HR Administrator application(Maintain Master Data Application).

            In fact my next blog(Document) emphasizes on how to leverage this functionality in custom applications !



    • Thanks Derrick,

      The HR Renewal functionality is definitely very appealing. I am sure you would also love the Landing page functionality which runs on HTML5.


      Raja Sekhar

  • HI anna,

    Ware is that launchpad is located in LPD_CUST where I can see as u mentioned in the above screen shot can i know or else we need to apply any notes

  • Hi Raja, we are making test with hr renewal in our system but in the employee profile not appear the symbol:

    Do we have to install the EMBORGCH Add-on component?

    In our system are:

    • Hi Manuel,

      No explicit component installation is required for Org Chart.

      But I would definitely check the Business functions -

      HCM_PD_UI_1 and HCM_PD_UI_2



  • Hi Raja,

    Please let me know how and where to check the Hierarchy as mentioned.

    'Coming to the content of this Org Chart, a new Hierarchy(PAO_HIER) has been delivered to display the Org chart.'


    Arun Narayanan.